Smile & Giggle get ready to go back to school with Smiggle *Review

Smile & Giggle get ready to go back to school with Smiggle

Getting your child ready for school, can be the best time of your life or in some cases the most daunting time. 
Luckily for you there is Smiggle, Smiggle has pretty much everything your child needs to start/go back to school with. 

Emilyn is here to show you her absolute favourites from Smiggle.
Smiggle bottle

Safari bottle £8.50

Here's Emilyn's video showing you how the bottle works. She was amazed by the opening button as you can see...
Inside the backpack with a 15" mac inside & a lunchbox, pencil case ect....

The collection we bring you from Smiggle completely set up to start school.

We totally LOVE that the smiggle colour pop backpack has a compartment for 15" laptops & iPads. PERFECT.

Please note these are not edible. Although they smell amazing!! 

Here's Emilyn using the Macaron's erasers.

LOVE the erasers from Smiggle.
30 pack of gel pens for just £16.50

Emilyn loves the gel pens. 
So many pretty colours 

Smiggle stacking highlighters just £3.50 *bargain

Emilyn showing off her backpack.

'B' Keyring £4.00

Born and bred in Australia, Smiggle is now 11 years old, with over 170 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and now the UK. Smiggle is dedicated to fuelling the creative spirit by delivering original, fun and affordable stationery. Smiggle products are about great design and innovation, bold colour, quirky graphics, good value and most of all – giving Smiggle fans the tools they need to have fun! 
Where a smile meets a giggle, it’s the world’s greatest place.

Creating her masterpiece  with Smiggle

You can find your closest store HERE

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