To my daughter on your first day at 'big school'

Dear Emilyn,

You're such a big girl now, five in a few weeks. FIVE years old. I can remember bringing you home from hospital like it was yesterday. Changing your first nappy, breastfeeding you all the time, nothing made you happier than food. Crawling backwards for weeks before figuring out it was easier & quicker to crawl forwards.
The day you started Pre-school, You screamed the place down for the first few weeks, until you actually loved being there, you loved your friends & teachers.
Then bang your all grown up, with the most amazing personality, the best caring thoughtful side to you; yet you are as cheeky as a monkey with a banana.
My darling, I am so proud to be your Mumma, to kiss you each night before saying good night.
To wake up to you each morning whilst you are trying to be quiet.
When you say 'I didn't flush the toilet Mumma cause I didn't want to wake you' moments.
I hope, I pray you love 'big school' as much as you loved Pre-school.
I hope, I pray you make life long friends at 'big school'
I hope, I pray you settle in & thrive in the school place setting.
You are beyond ready for it.
I am so proud to be your Mumma.
You make me the happiest Mumma alive. I hope you know that.
Where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday I was in labour with you... how could I forget after 18 hours & 30 minutes + long...

I promise I'll try not to cry when I wave good bye to you in the playground. I love you.
seeing your face today knowing that 'in the morning' you'll be going to big school, your face beaming, glowing with excitement. I wish moments like that I could take & place in my pocket.
Here's to tomorrow my big grown up girl.

Leaving the hospital

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