What was I worried about E's first day

E's first day at primary school
So E started Primary school yesterday you may of read To my darling daughter on your first day at big school, You'll all be proud of me as I didn't cry. I totally thought I would. I stayed strong for E & she was amazing, barely looked back at us in fact. So glad Daddy was there to see her in too.
The Summer holidays literally flew by, I barely had time to think. I think it's mainly because E was starting primary school, it's a huge difference to pre-school. I'm so going to miss her.

"this is my first day at big school & I'm going to love it, this is fun...."

She came running out of primary school with a huge smile on her face. Beaming with pride, She had a lovely morning at school however when I asked "what did you do?"
her response... "not much" with a shoulder shrug. Bless her. 
We then took her out for lunch it was lovely. 

Then in the car-park a guy reversed in to our car... giving E & H a nasty shock & hurting E's head in the impact. 
Luckily we are all ok & the car is still drivable will we can get it repaired, We got the guy's details too. 

We finished the day on a high with the littles Nanna coming for the afternoon/evening. 
Was so lovely & nanna put them to bed - of course they loved.
So proud of her, she's such a big girl now. 

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