Quinny longboardstroller test day in London Tomorrow!

Come to Clapham Common (London) Tomorrow between 10am & 1pm 
I don't know about you but I am super excited.
Or if you're in London already why not pass by to say hi.

See the Quinny longboardstroller is an exciting solution for travelling long distances in a fun and eco-friendly way. It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding.
Hugo can't wait to try it out, I'm not sure if he thinks he will be in the stroller or riding on the longboard though...

Info on location Address: Clapham Common, Windmill Drive, London SW4 9DE

The easiest ways to get to Clapham Common are are:
  • Walk or Cycle!
  • Underground (Clapham Common or Clapham South)
  • Bus (various- see TFL guide)
There is very limited parking, so try not to drive, If you do have to, you will need to park in one of the neighbouring roads there is no car park.For a more detailed map, route and directions, go to Google Maps
The event itself will be taking place next to the Bandstand in the middle of the park.

I am beyond excited. I really hope to see you all there. If you plan to go come & say hi to me. :)

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween !!
How exciting. 
Last week my two went to a few Halloween parties, Emilyn went to her first Disco. 
Both from School. 
The Disco was fun however Emilyn was scared of everyone dressed up. (all her friends) 
They danced & played party games they made me play musical bumps. (My legs ouch)

Hugo was a Pirate & Emilyn a witch.


It's funny before Emilyn started Preschool she had never dressed up for halloween. 
But as Hugo was part of her Pre-school parties he's always dressed up. 

Happy Halloween Dorking 

Hugo as a pumpkin 2012 & 2013
Emilyn 2013

Emilyn & Hugo October 2012

Emilyn & Hugo October 2013 

Emilyn & Hugo October 2014

Have a lovely halloween. It's pretty quiet living in the middle of nowhere no trick or treaters here.

Hugo's ADM hospital appointment Talipes 30 October

It was just two weeks ago we were here last. 
In two weeks I would love absolutely LOVE to say things are better...
Things are pretty much the same. 
We've kept the boots and bar, each evening I ask Hugo "what boots would you like to wear tonight?" 
It's nice for him to choose, like he likes to choose what clothes to wear each day.

I've kind of given up, No I don't get much sleep & yes each night is drama with trying to get him to wear his boots, the ADM's or the boots and bar.
I've finally accepted this is my life & i'm feeling a lot more content with it all.
We will be going back in a few months now. Such a nice feeling after spending so much time at the hospital recently. 
His feet are doing really good!! 
All positives. 

Vax Factory Sale - Up to 80% Off - NOW OPEN!‏

If you know anyone who is on the lookout for a new vacuum, steam cleaner, carpet cleaner or pressure washer then tell them to check out  ‘Vax Factory Sale’ with up to 80% off!…. 
What’s the catch, I hear you cry? They’re all brand new machines with full guarantees, they just have slightly damaged boxes so can’t be sold at retail.
Sale ENDS 3/11/14
Entry code: STAFF-239
I just ordered myself & my Mum a new hoover... Excited !! 

Quinny longboardstroller: an experiment in mobility, fusing longboarding & strollers.

 Quinny longboardstroller: an experiment in mobility, fusing longboarding & strollers.
Try it on Clapham Common, London, 10am -1pm, Saturday 1 November

The London city streets are about to get a little more exciting! Quinny has developed a fun and innovative new mobility concept; the Quinny longboardstroller. It's a completely new and spectacular way to cruise through the city with your kid. And it's environmentally-friendly as well.

Quinny has organised a test day for press and public to experience it. Meet us on Clapham Common, London, 10am - 1pm, Saturday 1 November.

Quinny is all about pushing limits. Mobility challenges that parents face every day are a burden. To tackle these challenges, the Quinny longboardstroller takes a different approach to urban mobility. It gives the experience and freedom of riding a longboard and enables parents to travel faster than with a regular stroller - so they can explore more of the city together with their kids.

Co-developed with consumers
Innovation, creating new mobility solutions for parents, is in Quinny's DNA, but ideas like this don't come along every day. The concept came about following a worldwide consumer research study on urban parenting, which was commissioned by Quinny last year. The results showed that many parents living in urban areas travel around their city a lot less after they have children. The new Quinny longboardstroller gives them back their freedom to roam.

Early on in the project Quinny decided to start a blog and a Facebook page to see if there was interest amongst consumers. In just a few weeks, the concept went viral and attracted thousands of fans. Quinny further developed the concept with longboarding experts and parents from all over the world. The result: a premium consumer-friendly longboardstroller!

"We want to get input from consumers and specialists as early in the design process as possible. Their input is incredibly valuable for our product development" - Mark Schrooten, Innovation Director Quinny.

We invite you for the test day!
Meet us on Clapham Common, London, 10am - 1pm, Saturday 1 November. The nearest underground stations are Clapham North or South on the Northern line; it is a short walk to the centre of the park and we will be located near to the bandstand.

Check out more details at www.quinny.com/longboardstroller or view the video here:
Register on quinny.com/longboardstroller to be the first to find out when Quinny longboardstroller online sales will start.
About Quinny
Quinny creates seamless mobility solutions for parents in an urban habitat, so they have the ultimate freedom to ‘walk your way'; for parents who love the city, its energy and everything it has to offer. We believe in adding true value so we create functional products to overcome urban obstacles - the small challenges that parents face every day while they are on the move. We're dedicated to creating beautiful products that can grow along with the development of each child; to have the ideal solution for the present, with an eye to the future. Quinny is a premium brand of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B; DII.A).
www.quinny.comAbout Dorel Juvenile
All over the world, we Care for Precious Life. It is the daily mission of our 3355 employees across the globe. We Care, so parents can have an enjoyable time with their children. Dorel Juvenile's portfolio features a diversity of brands at various price points and innovative design, supported by excellent distribution channels. Our well-known and strong global brands, Safety 1st, Quinny, Maxi-Cosi, Bébé Confort, Tiny Love and Baby Art, complemented by regional brands such as Cosco and Infanti, are available in over 100 countries.

Dorel Juvenile is a segment of Dorel Industries, Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A). Dorel creates style and excitement in equal measure to safety, quality and value. Dorel has annual sales of US$2.6 billion and employs 6400 people in facilities located in twenty-four countries worldwide.

Coco's first walk 12weeks old

This weekend has been pretty exciting, we've been on the countdown to be able to take Coco out on her first walk. Saturday we awaited Mr.H (Daddy) to come home from work to take Coco on her first family walk. We also took Molly with us our 7 year old Lhasa Apso, it was so lovely to watch them run down the old railway track together. Molly at times looked at Coco like your a crazy puppy!! Emilyn loved holding her lead & taking Coco for a walk. 
Coco seems to be feeling better too, touch wood she stays healthy now. 

She will be having her microchip done in two weeks something I'm not looking forwards too after just how much she cried at her first injections. 

Coco's now been on a few walks she's getting good at walking with a lead attached to her. Thank goodness. 

The Baby Show Olympia

The Baby Show Olympia 
 My best bits from today's show. 24th - 26th October 2014.  I've never been to Olympia before. I won my Baby Show ticket from Quinny so of course I wanted to go check out their stand first. 
The Quinny Longboard stroller *keep an eye out this week for a blog post from me about this amazing stroller with a limited amount being made they are truly eye-catching. 
Quinny will also be holding their Longboard stroller event next Saturday (I would LOVE to see you there as I am the Live blogger for the day) 
Quinny Longboard Stroller
Quinny Longboard stroller
Quinny Longboard stroller
Quinny Longboard I absolutely love it 
Quinny Stand Lots of Moodds on display 

Hugo tried out the Quinny Zapp Xtra two (Heart eyes are needed) Love it. *Wish List* 

Couple photo at the baby show 

Hugo walking walking walking 
I've heard SOOOO many good raving reviews about the Armadillo city Mamas & papas buggy I had to have a good nosey at it myself
Hugo fits perfectly - Armadillo Pushchair - Black Liquorice RRP £199
Then the new armadillo flip RRP £399
Urbo2 ATTICUS signature edition RRP £489.00
I know I know I should just give in & BUY one I swoon over to the Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo Bug
I'm sure it's that cheeky fox that makes me want it, Hugo totally didn't help when he said "For Christmas mummy Can I have for Christmas please..." He's just as obsessed by buggies as I am...

Donna Wilson 

The bloom highchairs - I know I say this a lot (I don't plan to have any more babies) though if & its a hypothetical if I was to ever have another baby. I would totally be buying the Bloom highchair. I couldn't stop looking at them when expecting Hugo but due to his boots and bar I just didn't know if the high chair would be practical. They are heavenly beautiful though.

Bloom highchairs
HOW FUNKY is this Bloom highchair 
The Silver Cross Wayfarer Special Edition Safari has been developed exclusively for Mothercare and will be available soon. It looks so beautiful 
The black & white STOKKE Scoot I mentioned this on my last post The toddler & baby show in Bluewater

The baby show 
HELLO Bugaboo - I had a good look at the Bee Plus today - Humm I don't know what to say, I'm not over ally impressed... WHY did they change from the canvas hood?? I do however love the grey colours.
Buggy heaven <3 nbsp="" td="">

The Diesel Bugaboo 

A crib... that's a high chair that turns into a table & chairs....
This is what my blog posts on the baby shows are all about - NEW & amazing inventions that make our life as parents easier. Ok so baby will stay in a crib maximum 6 months.... most out by four months they wriggle & need the space... then of course what a clever idea to then turn the crib in to the highchair & then the highchair in a table & chairs. When baby has outgrown the highchair. WHAT an AMAZING Idea!! You can check it out yourself HERE
It's not just stylish it's the most functional thing I've seen for a long time!!
The Nuna highchair
We actually own a Nuna Zaaz highchair (I know we own something pretty cool looking)  I bought it for it's clean lines & modern minimalistic feel, I also loved that this highchair can grow with your child & Hugo at almost 3 years old can still use it.
Nuna Zaaz
You should know Trunki by now. The best travel suitcase for your little darling??
Well now you can completely customise your own!! Delivery time so they say is less than a week too!!
So that holiday you booked for next month : you still have time to customise your little ones very own Trunki.

Hugo wanted to show the Quinny stand that he loves his Quinny Yezz...
Hugo wanted to show the Quinny stand that he loves his Quinny Yezz...
Hugo wanted to show the Quinny stand that he loves his Quinny Yezz...
Hugo wanted to show the Quinny stand that he loves his Quinny Yezz...
Hugo wanted to show the Quinny stand that he loves his Quinny Yezz...
Then the guy at the Quinny stand got his Quinny Yezz out & they had a Quinny Yezz race!! ... I SOOOOO should of recorded it!! 

Pink Lining child - Cot bedding so gorgeous 
PL Child 
iCandy stand 
iCandy stand

Chicco highchairs
Mima winter outfit
Sliver cross dolls buggy

Hugo pleaded & pleaded me for this beautiful Silver Cross Dolls buggy

The beginning of the show
Stokke cot
The Baby Show 
Got our free MAM bottle from the Baby show Olympia
Love love love the Baba slings
Compact Infant baths for the sinks

I'm leaving the best till last as you can see .... The Doona Car seat STROLLER... Yep two in one. This little beauty will save you so much faff on the school runs. 
Here's just how easy it is to turn from stroller to car seat to car seat to stroller...

The next generation car seat

Can be bought for just £299 from birth - 15 months of age. 

You can buy from 
& a few other places.

Doona Car seat 
Swing the wheels out from the Doona car seat 
TA-DA the Doona stroller!!

You can find the Doona car seat - stroller on Facebook 

Time to go home....
If you liked what you've seen on here why not get yourself to the next Baby Show?  I've been going for the past 5 years & I promise I've never been bored. I do however love looking at new Buggies....


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