Coco's first walk 12weeks old

This weekend has been pretty exciting, we've been on the countdown to be able to take Coco out on her first walk. Saturday we awaited Mr.H (Daddy) to come home from work to take Coco on her first family walk. We also took Molly with us our 7 year old Lhasa Apso, it was so lovely to watch them run down the old railway track together. Molly at times looked at Coco like your a crazy puppy!! Emilyn loved holding her lead & taking Coco for a walk. 
Coco seems to be feeling better too, touch wood she stays healthy now. 

She will be having her microchip done in two weeks something I'm not looking forwards too after just how much she cried at her first injections. 

Coco's now been on a few walks she's getting good at walking with a lead attached to her. Thank goodness. 

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