English National Opera - Couple time

It's a rare occurrence now for Mr.H & I to get time together, days out now include Peppa pig world & legoland, Farms, going to the local Zoo & child friendly restaurants. 

Now I'm not moaning I love to see the smiley Peppa pig & the condescending Mummy pig every few months. I do really. To see the children's faces light up I'd quite frankly go round & round the bubble works ride in disneyland. "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all..." ringing through my head for days on end. I live to make my children happy. To try & give them the best childhood ever. 

However we all need couple time. Couple time to remember the times before these little people came along. Time before you could have a conversation & finish each sentence without being interrupted with "Mumma look at me, Mumma look at this, Mumma what are you saying?" 

This is where the ENO Coliseum comes in, Our life at times needs just adult time. 

I crave husband time, I see him briefly each day but with two children pulling at my legs, covering me in snot & whatever else is around their mouths.  The marriage of Figaro  is the most perfect place to go to regain that much needed couple time.
To dress up & have a few glasses of vino to be surrounded by other adults. Children under 5 will not be allowed in. (Perfect) 

The marriage of figaro is on from the 16th October 2014 - 23 November 2014 to book your tickets click here 

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