I hate bedtime - There I said it.

Oh. My. Goodness.
Since the smalls have returned to school (pre-school & Primary school) they have been the devil children in all sense of the word.
Bedtime has gone from something I used to enjoy to now something I literally dread... I would prefer to be at work than tackle bedtime in our household at the moment.

By 6pm I am so drained from the day its crazy. The children wake up at 5ish each morning demanding breakfast.

Tonight so far has gone like :

Bedtime .... *Children scattering around playing*

refusing to wear pyjamas

don't get me started on his boots and bar....

fighting to get their teeth cleaned

somehow managing to get them into bed ... why is it at bedtime two small children can act as though they have 8 octopus type legs stopping them from getting into bed???? Wriggling out of my arms, fighting through the house?

reading them bedtime stories *then I'm caused of being a bad Mumma cause I won't read 51thousand,20,30,51 books to them each night... as all good mummas do that for their children of course.

i've had to give out 3 plasters to both smalls as their legs are obviously falling off... then just minutes they are "all better now mumma all better ... take plaster cast now mumma".... to then 10minutes later their fingers need plasters in a matter of life or death situation...

Then the "Mumma I need a wee wee" quote times a thousand. ONE SMALL STILL WEARS NAPPIES for crying out loud!!

Our breath is smelly we need to clean our teeth again they cry & cry until I say OK quickly.... then splashing of water in the bathroom they seem to be having a water fight. Brilliant!

An hour has past by easily...

I then hear the "if you were a nice Mumma you would be nice to us... all I want is a nice Mumma"

Go the (Insert rude word here; that I do not say out loud that I repeatedly say in my head) TO SLEEP then perhaps you would have a nicer Mumma.... as if I am the worst Mumma on the planet of course.

Mumma kiss, cuddle. Yes its cute the first two times but by the 10th time it's grinding on me.

WHY ARE THEY NOT TIRED??? I'm exhausted I want sleep. & cake & tea... But mostly sleep.

Then I hear the dreaded "Mumma I want Ea's bed please" Oh no...........

Mumma I'm poorly... Mumma I need medicine, Mumma Cuddle, Mumma Cuddlee......... CRYING * sobbing* .....
Mumma my throat hurts.


Mumma I need ..... long pause *She must be thinking about what she needs*... More water Mumma i need .... long pause.... I need rest water Mumma, clean water mumma."

I have only just filled it up darling with Brita water from the fridge ... "No Mumma it's not fresh anymore I need more....."

Oh wait "I need the toilet Mumma...." Footsteps through the house. Why does going to the toilet take so mch time when your an inquisitive five year old....?
Then the dreaded "mumma ummmmmm I ummmmmm I ummmmm WET MYSELF".....
The small the appears next to me ... "Mumma what are you watching? Mumma what are you eating? mumma chocolate cake? Mmmmmm that looks tasty. Mumma what are you watching?"


Just sleep!!!

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