I've got a Poorly puppy *Coco the Cavapoo

Coco my 10 week old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles cross poodle)
Got quite poorly over the weekend & on Sunday night I noticed she was passing blood in her poo. So I stayed up with her all night, In her self she was still bright & happy, wanting to play & then sleep for hours (all very normal) The following day when it wasn't getting any better, I had a quick google yes I know *never google anything medical!!* However I'm glad I did as everything I read said Puppies/dogs are not meant to bleed (even after food change) So I rang our vets & they agreed I should bring her in.
Coco the Cavapoo

Rushing round to get the children from school & then arrive at the vets in time. The vet said she was ok & the blood can be caused by stress or it may be something more serious. (she is in the process of having all her vaccinations, worming & flea medicine)
We were sent home with some new food to settle her tummy & some medicine.
Also three pots to get *poop samples Yuck.
It's now Wednesday & after spending all Monday night with her on the sofa & clearing up lots of awful poops she seems much much much better. No more blood & poos are firmer (always good to discuss poo on a wednesday)

Annoyingly our Pet Insurance won't cover anything as it is in the 14 days of having her home & our vet insurance won't cover it as we went in on Saturday with her having an upset tummy (due to food change we think) So they say they can't cover a pre-existing illness....

So annoying!!

Coco the Cavapoo
This having a puppy stuff can be hard.

Never ignore blood in the poo when a puppy especially.

Hoping she has a quick recovery, It's all been very worrying.


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