My son a future lorry driver

What would you say if your son or daughter of course wanted to have a job in the transport industry.
A lorry driver, an engineer, mechanic, ticket inspector, plus more... Would you be happy?
I know I would be, My Dad is a lorry driver he works for a 'Quality garden furniture' company & travels around England he can be away for a week at a time.
So if my son came to be & said he wanted a job like the above. I would be so proud. He would be doing something that he loves. Working with vehicles, something he is so passionate about.
I myself have often thought I quite fancied working in that industry, I suppose growing up around it; it's seemed so natural for me, although it is most definitely quite male dominated I'd have to make sure they know who's boss.

Jobs in transport can be hard to find especially when you want a good wage to match the hours you'll be working. City Calling is a fabulous website to find jobs in transport & it's so easy to sign up online to find the perfect job for you.

We will always need workers for lorries, mechanics, engineers, ect. There is never a time we will be without? surely. If we didn't have lorries on the roads we sure wouldn't have food in our supermarkets, clothes in the department stores. You name it with lorry drivers there would be no way of life.

I know we all (some of us) moan & moan & moan about the amount of lorries on our roads.

Truth is they give you the life you need to survive. I hope one day my son comes to me to say that's his profession.

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