The clocks are going back – but there will always be light with Smiggle

The clocks are going back –
but there will always be light
            with Smiggle

Those dusky afternoons have turned to night and 
winter is creeping ever nearer.

The days are getting shorter and the nights
are drawing in. But, with this colourful range
of products, there’s no excuse for keeping up
to date with the changing times in style.

Talking 2tone Clock £16.50 

Waking up is always a killer isn’t it? Well, actually,
nope. Hate that ‘beep, beep, beep’ of your alarm clock
telling you to wake from your snooze? Obviously!
Well, no more. This baby will get your day off to a
bright start, whatever the time. Want to record your
kids’ concert? Your favourite song? A little message
to yourself to start the day with a smile? Do it!

Is it 9am? Or 8am? There’s nobody who hasn’t been
there. The clocks havc changed and the day starts
in a fuzz. Well, don’t fret. You want to know the
time? This gadget will not only tell you, but project
it on to the ceiling just to make you totally sure.

The days are becoming shorter and the nights
are drawing in but the days will always be bright
with this funky watch. These products are as cool
as the temperatures usually are when it’s time to
turn back the clocks. Available in five colours.

Quite literally turn back the clocks with this little fella. 
This retro watch is inspired by designs from times gone by.    
And, just to be smart, it doubles up as a calculator too.

FaceGlitter £7.50
Keep up with the changing times.
And look damn cool while you do it. The
winter nights are drawing in but there’s
nothing a bit of glitter can’t solve. And
with colourful designs of rainbows and
flowers, it will be summer all year round.

WatchPop And Swap Face Glow £7.50        
So, those winter months are drawing
even closer. But there will always
be light in the darkness  with this
glow-in-the-dark watch face.

Watch Pop And Swap Slap Band £5/
Watch Pop And Swap Slap Heart £5/
Watch Pop And Swap Slap Flower £5
Topping off a funky watch face with a boring strap
would be like teaming a designer suit with a pair of
pumps from Primark. No! But, don’t worry, Smiggle
has it covered. From bold designs to colourful
bands with spots and stripes, these straps are
the perfecr accompaniment to our many watch
faces. And, for those ol’ romantics, there’s even
bands with a cute heart or flower-shaped centre.

Born and bred in Australia, Smiggle is now 11 years old, with over 160 stores across Australia,  New Zealand, Singapore. Smiggle are NOW
heating up the UK. 2014, their first year here, has seen them open to date, 10 stores, with a further 8 stores due to open before Christmas.

Where a smile meets a giggle,
it’s the world’s greatest place.

For more information on Smiggle’s great
range of Halloween inspired products, visit or conract us now!

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