The season when the colds start

No fun, no fun at all. It's Autumn the schools are back & the children are poorly.
In fact i'm poorly too. With this horrible chesty cough, you know the cough that hurts your entire chest when you cough? Emilyn has been hit hard by it, she's quite dramatic you know when she's poorly. She tries to tell the whole world I'm sure.
On top of us being poorly, our new Puppy is poorly again. I'm just trying to see how many times I can write the word 'poorly' i'm sure.......
Coco our Cavapoo has a COLD too... who knew that dogs could get colds. She has a sore throat & her glands are up. So horrible seeing a puppy poorly. We've been back & fourth to the vets since we've had her.
Lots of medication later (she's still on it) lot's of ££ spent as insurance was void for the first 14 days (TYPICAL) Hopefully now fingers crossed she will now be a healthy puppy.

Now's the time to stock up on lemsips & cough medicine to get us through the winter. 

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