Tutankhamun had club foot and was the product of incest, according to new documentary

You can tell it's Tuesday. I was made aware of this article from my Happy Feet Talipes mums with morning, whilst I had a leisurely lay in bed with my coffee (Children have an inset day)... I almost spat my coffee out with anger reading this atrocious article. 
Well thank you Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The mirror... Article after article.... for this magnificent article. Have you seen this article? Tutankhamun (illustrated) was reliant on a walking stick thanks to his club foot, which may have been due to the fact that his parents were brother and sister - WOW JUST WOW. 
Then after 'publishing this post' I then came to find article after article about how - 

Tutankhamun had club foot and was the product of incest, according to new documentary... 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail 
As if Clubfoot children & adults don't have enough on there plate, Daily Mail is now saying clubfoot can be something to do with incest. Brilliant. 
Here's little old me sat here for the last few years trying to spread POSITIVE talipes awareness (struggling to spread it world wide) then Daily Mail come along & write this then get over 32K shares. 

So what makes the Daily Mail able to say this? What makes anyone able to say this? 

Oh you have clubfoot are you from a family of incests??? 

I don't know about you but I don't want my son to grow up being embarrassed about his feet. I want him to walk proud & share his treatment with the world. Not hide his feet in socks for the whole of his life. 

This must be written by badly informed journalists who are trying to sensationalise their articles by linking incest with clubbed feet. It's outrageous.! 

I know it's just a newspaper article, I know a lot of people will be saying "ha why are you listening to the Daily 'Fail' yet... other people are. I know I know in a way the newspaper is getting what it wants we are now sharing the article they are causing uproar within the talipes community. This is what journalists want I so totally get that. 

But when they are pulling the word clubfoot through the mud like this I as a Talipes parent will of course feel the heart strings going & I will show you I'm not happy! 

I'm not even going to read the 1k comments posted about this article either. 

I hate hate hate bad press around Clubfoot & I will continue to try & spread positive awareness passionately through my blog....

You must remember the uproar Eastenders caused when they joked about Derek Branning having clubfoot  "Programme (Eastenders) watch from 26:40 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01l8nkj/EastEnders_23_07_2012/  
I as a mother almost cried for my son. As if life won’t be hard enough for him, that he will have to contend with Programmes mocking clubfoot.
if you can’t get on to Iplayer to watch the clip - it was when they were on the tube and were talking about the football match it’s what started the fight as Max Branning said something like Derek was useless because he had a clubfoot and he argued that he didn't he had fallen arches and then jack joined in mocking him and then they started fighting like it was something to be embarrassed about, I personally dislike the word clubfoot, i feel it is a non-politically correct term to use these days, i personally feel it is a very derogatory term to use,"

Eastenders never to this day apologised about it. 

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