English indie rockers, Alt-J - The perfect winter listening?

I live for music. I'd happily get rid of our TV (much to my husbands dismay) To listen to my iPod or radio music brings me to life. 
There is nothing better than listening to music, that feeling you can lose yourself in the rhythm, lose yourself in the timezone. Music can throw myself back to a time that I had forgotten, Music can throw me back to me singing in the back of my Dad's old blue Mini to 'man on the moon, man on the moon,' By R.E.M  
Then in recent years you have summer songs (Chamillionaire - Ridin)( 3 of a kind - Babycakes) The best summers I had these songs were around & the winter songs. (Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas) Yes you've got to love a little bit of Christmas music. The clubbing songs & the driving songs, The music you listen to when your sad *the loudest you can turn your stereo. For example my sad song is 'Des'ree - Kissing You' The music you listen to when your happy again the loudest you can turn your stereo up. (The Supremes - Baby Love) 
Then the classics (Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing) You can never go wrong with this song. This song also throws me back to Disneyland Paris The Aerosmith roller coaster ... The memories!! 
As you can tell I love a wide range of music. All of which these songs come with amazing memories. 
I live for music. When I first heard Alt-J 'Hunger of the pine' it caught me, it made me get lost into the song, made me listen to each word, singing in my head to every word. This song has stolen my heart. Captured it. In the split second of hearing it. The car bose system was up to the loudest it would go (driving child free) I lost myself in the music. 
For me Alt-J are the perfect winter music. Chilled & beautiful. Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton & Thom Green are an English indie rock band formed in 2007 from Leeds. When I heard about them performing at The O2 I knew then I needed Alt-J Tickets. Also very reasonably priced! I'm getting good at having these child free evenings to myself. They'll be at the O2 on the 24th January 2015 & you can buy tickets now. 

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