How to boil the perfect Egg

For anyone who personally knows Hugo, you'll know his appetite is like that of a 15 year old boy, he will eat & eat & eat. His favourite is boiled egg with soldiers for lunch.
The thing is how do I get that perfect perfect boiled egg? Hugo is pretty precise to how he likes his eggs.
How to boil an egg is easy especially when using the best eggs (British Lion eggs) but how to boil the perfect egg is only easy when you know how.

We eat about 15 eggs in our house hold a week. If we aren't eating them we are making cakes with them.
It's all about boiling the egg for the right time, too little & the egg is too runny, too long & the egg is too hard.
About 3 minutes will do for a set white & runny yolk. Then quickly run it under the cold tap for a further 2 - 3 minted to stop the egg cooking more... It's easy when you know how.
Then for the most perfect egg & soldiers of course we have a soldier egg cup & toast cutter. Bravo - You've perfected the boiled egg !

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