MagicFriends Xmas App - Children can now talk to Santa on your iPhone‏

MagicFriends Xmas

Children can now have a real conversation with Santa on your iPhone this Christmas 

The “MagicFriends Xmas” App for the iPhone and iPad is now available for download on the App store allowing real conversations with Santa 

Caramagic today released the MagicFriends Xmas app for kids on the App store. 
MagicFriends Xmas enables children to have real conversations with Santa and his friends on an iPad or iPhone, where Santa is actually voiced and animated by a parent or family member as the Puppeteer on a second iPhone or iPad connected via Wi-Fi over the internet.   
Once the call is made the child chats with a fun, animated Santa, Sam the Snowman, Candy the Elf or Prancer on their screen, in a world of make believe. 
Children can laugh, joke and hear stories straight from Santa and his friends.  They can also tell Santa exactly what they would like for Christmas -- and know he heard every word. 
MagicFriends is built on three simple ideas:  
  • Children live in a world of fantasy and imagination 
  • Children love to talk 
  • Parents know their child best of all 

MagicFriends is built on the latest VoIP platform, which allows the puppeteer and the child to be in the same house or miles apart. 
The app’s voice changer allows the Puppeteer to morph their voice to match each different character. This morphed voice syncs with the mouth movement of the character on the child’s screen.   
The Puppeteer controls the animations and with a simple swipe or tap can make Santa and his friends jump, wave, wink, dance and twirl on the child’s device.  Welcome to the world of digital puppets. 
Because the Puppeteer is played by a parent or family member they know their child, from their birthdate to their favourite colour, toy or bedtime story.  This creates moments of magic for the parent and their child that will last long after the holiday season is over. 

MagicFriends founder and CEO Mike Hennessy comments, “It has been great fun to watch children talking to our MagicFriends characters, Santa and his friends.  The conversations can be hilarious.  Children’s imaginations have no limits so you never know the direction they will go.” 
MagicFriends has the potential to transform how parents and their children play.  It brings language and conversation to the world of make believe in a way never achieved before.  It develops their imagination and promotes learning and creativity.  Through conversation and interaction, a child picks up language skills and absorbs the basics of social interaction, which is essential to their growthhealthy development and building self-confidence. 
MagicFriends Xmas can be seen in action at   

MagicFriends Xmas features include: 
  • 4 Xmas characters; Santa, Sam the Snowman, Candy the Elf & Prancer the Reindeer. 
  • Free to download and try using the free character Sam 
  • Conversation and animation controlled by the adult puppeteer: characters can jump, wave, wink, twirl and more with a simple swipe or tap on the screen. 
  • Voice changer adjusts the adult’s voice to match each character 
  • Each character’s mouth movement syncs with the Puppeteer’s voice 
  • Users can connect from two different Wi-Fi-enabled spots anywhere in the world 
  • Starter packs containing stories, scripts and jokes are available for download at 
  •  MagicFriends Xmas is safe and secure. The app can only be used under parental supervision and devices can only connect through the acceptance of an email invite sent by a parent or guardian. 

Santa is very jolly but also a bit scatty so Christmas can be a bit frantic and if he was completely honest, he’d much prefer to be baking cookies or singing on stage or doing the child’s parent’s job e.g. accountant, work on computers etc.
But then he does love surprises and giving presents and its great fun zooming through the sky on a sleigh.

Pricing and Availability 
The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store, at: Download Link. 
Access to Sam the Snowman is free.  For access to all characters with unlimited calls, users can upgrade to a paid annual subscription of £2.49/€3.59. 

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