When the support group doesn't support you

What do you do then?
Do you leave?
Turn your back on the group?

When you do all the supporting for others, when in reality you could be the one who needs it most?

Ok so I really don't want to go into it with too much detail however there was some uproar on my support group yesterday & it just made me feel like crap. Like what the heck am i doing? spending my 'lack of' spare time running this SUPPORT group for what feels like people just wanting to stir & make people unhappy.

I created the group, I can't leave; it;s almost apart of me. I take offence to people bad mouthing it. It' simple if they don't like the way I run it they should leave.
I personally feel that my support group is one of the best out there for Talipes.

Yes everyone is entitled to air their opinions; I get it I do. However I will not allow a heated debate. That then makes others unhappy.

It's just not fair.

It's almost as like we are going back to year 3 stuff... "If you have nothing nice to say, well don't say anything at all..."

Is it worth all the stress & tears it caused me yesterday?

Yes I know it is as I on the other hand have had mother after mother tell me how amazing & helpful the group has been....

Now to try & keep the peace & harmony.


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