Hopsterwood screening

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the fabulous people at Hopsterwood. They asked if I wanted to go to one of their screenings with my two smalls.
My two adore the cinema & love popcorn, I barely had to even think about it & said yes of course we would love to. Especially being so close to home in Brighton. 

We had a great morning. 

The cinema was full of little people running crazy but no one minded as this was exactly what Hopsterwood screenings are all about surly ? 

So what is Hopsterwood? 
I’m not sure whether you know, but Hopster is a TV and learning platform for pre-schoolers; creating a digital playground for families that makes entertainment fun, safe, interactive and elevating.
Where can you go to a screening?
It is holding special screening events for families and preschoolers nationwide from Monday 29th December to Friday 2nd January in partnership with Picturehouse. At each screening winter specials of Louie and 64 Zoo Lane will be shown on the big screen. Taking place at Brighton Duke of York Picturehouse on 29th Dec and Brighton Komedia Picturehouse on 30th Dec at 11:30am it’s going to be a morning of heart-warming festive fun, perfect for those wanting to get the family out of the house after Christmas!
There will also be a special screening event at Hackney Picturehouse London, on Tuesday 30th December at 11:00am, where attendees will be able to meet 64 Zoo Lane’s creator and illustrator An Vrombaut, who will be leading a creative activity to keep the little ones amused.
Hopsterwood screening
Parents will receive a free two month Hopster subscription. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Hopster is normally £3.99 and includes interactive games and over 1000 episodes of ad free TV content, including Bob the Builder, Ben & Holly, Angelina Ballerina, The Gruffalo, Louie, 64 Zoo Lane, Pingu, Max & Ruby and Babar.  
Duke of york Brighton Cinema 
Open to the public, admission to the event is £3 per child and adults go free. 
You can see if Hopsterwood screening is available near you HERE

With no ads EVER. No we mean it. No ads EVER!


We made a day out of it & popped on the 15 minute train journey to Brighton, went straight to the Screening both my children loved it, they sat for the whole 66minutes eating their popcorn, laughing & really got into it. 

I would 100% recommend a Hopsterwood Screening to anyone with preschooler children or slightly younger/older. 
My two are 2 & 5 years old. 

We stopped for lunch in town & then done a bit of Sale shopping before it was time to get back on the train & get home. 

We took my best friend with us as Mr.H was working... Boo! 

We had a really lovely day!

Helping Kids Have a Healthy Diet

Kids love to be active when they are learning, and it’s always great when we discover new passions with them. So what better way is there to teach kids about a healthy diet than getting them directly involved? Things could get messy, but there’s no need to worry – it is easy to find tips about how to do laundry online if there are any stains. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ideas for getting your kids happy with a healthy diet!  


Juices and Smoothies 
This is a great and fun way to make sure your kids get their daily requirement of fruit. Using a juicer will produce a more water-like consistency; a blender will give you a thicker one (add a bit of pure orange juice to help get things going). Everyone knows their favourite fruits and vegetables, but this is also a fun way for kids to experiment with new flavours – just keep their fingers away from all blades! Allow them to peel the fruit, drop it in, and press the buttonssmall chunk of ginger could be added if you’re feeling adventurous or you want a healthy treatment for a cold.  
Homemade Pizza 
Making your own pizza is easy and quick, and has delicious results. It’ll keep kids away from the unhealthy versions but also give them something familiar, leaving you the knowledge of exactly what’s on it. Furthermore, they could shape their pizzas into hearts, animals, or anything at allHealthy recipes can be found online, but this one on the BBC’s Good Food website is great for kids, being simple to read and followIt’ll also give them a chance to learn new words and ideas associated with cooking.  
Stuffed Pita  
Pita bread is an interesting variation for kids who are bored of regular sandwiches. Here you could set up your own salad bar with limited meat options, perhaps either ham or plain chicken. The main filling will be vegetables! You could slice up cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce, and put out sweetcorn, olives, and even orange segments. Kids will enjoy stuffing their own pitas (you may want to toast them slightly first) and feeling the different textures. Try asking them what they like about the pita they made. You may want to limit sauces to keep it healthy, just adding a little for moisture.  
It will be exciting to see the choices your kids make in preparing food and how willing they are to experiment; you may find you’ve helped unlock their passion!  
For those with children with specific dietary requirements, here are some ideas you can get stuck into. 

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

The perfect present for a proud home owner. 
This vacuum cleaner is amazing. 

Here's why I love it :

Long reach hose and cord - A longer reach hose and power cord lets you clean to the top of your stairs, leaving the machine safely at the bottom. Perfect.

Antibacterial HEPA Media filter - Anti-bacterial HEPA media reduces the growth of bacteria, allergens and pet related odours.

Lift off canister -  Canister lifts away from the upright to a cartable canister in second making it easier to clean around the home and up the stairs.

This vacuum comes with a 2 year Vax guarantee, this gives you the complete peace of mind. 

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner
I'll be completely honest I have always had Dysons. But I worked with Vax this summer & blogged all about the Vax pressure washer makes toughest outdoor cleaning jobs easy. 
Then I received an email about the Factory clearance & we needed a new hoover after my Dyson not being great at cleaning up dog hair. 
I picked this Vax. Once it had arrived (Really quickly I might add) I got so excited I had to get it out & set it up straight away (Really easy to set up too) 
This hoover really is as effortless to clean as it looks. No more fighting the carpets clean. 

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner
I find it a pleasure to clean the house now rather than a awful chore. With my mum's house being next  door & her having two dogs... Beth who is a German Shepard cross Leonberger moults like you wouldn't believe. This fabulous new Vax vacuum is such a life saver. 

Here's a couple of short videos showing you just how good the vacuum is. *Turn speakers down the Vacuum isn't quiet. 
Though if you wanted a *Quiet vacuum, take a look at this one Vax Air silence cylinder vacuum cleaner with a huge 6 year warranty! 

Hugely impressed with my Vax & would buy another at the drop of a hat. 
Take a look at their SALE page here 

My own |Elf on the Shelf| Featuring Slugs and snails tights

Elfish limited edition slugs and snails tights.

Oh my gosh::: HOW cute!
The Elf on the shelf is EVERYWHERE. Obviously it is December after all. Christmas is just one sleep away. 
Getting excited.  
All the way back at the beginning on 2013 I blogged about Hugo's first pair of slugs tights. 
We loved them, he lived in them. Everyone complimented them. 
Almost two years on Hugo has a drawer full of slugs and snails boys tights & he adores wearing them. 
When I saw the Elfish Limited Edition (Organic Cotton) Slugs & Snails tights I  ||*Hugo || just had to have them.... 
Also at just €13.50 what a fab price.

Elfish limited edition slugs and snails tights

Elfish limited edition slugs and snails tights

Elf Hugo

Elf Hugo off to his Tots Xmas Party

Happy Christmas !! 
Have an Elf'tastic day! 

Our Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house 

Yes they are excited!!



This was a last minute 'lets make a Gingerbread house' due to the smalls being super poorly. Touch wood they're both feeling so much better today so Christmas should be a poorly free day! 

Today was the perfect day to build it, As they're both full of colds E is almost losing her voice poor thing. 
Sweets cheered them up! 

Picking their favourite sweets 

"Eat this one Hugo"
The next three photos make me smile so much. 
Cheeky monkeys eating the sweets rather than waiting for me to ice the house.

E egging H on to eat it

H eating it, E looks as though she is about to explode laughing....

Ha here it is E laughing!! 

The house is made 

Putting the first sweets on

the concentration... sweet.

Emilyn is a known perfectionist.....

Gingerbread house is looking good

We think it needs more snow.

Happy Children!!



Gingerbread house done for this year 2014

This is our Gingerbread house...

Have you done a gingerbread house this year? 


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