Introducing some new fun filled fruity goodness from Fruit Bowl

Fruit Frollipops




We were very kindly sent these fabulous new fun filled fruity Frollipops from fruit bowl
Hugo as you can see couldn't wait to try them.
Whilst being perfect for lunch boxes & after school snacks, the Frollipops are yummy for children & adults. 

Gluten free & suitable for vegetarians, Frollipops are an ideal snack. 
& one of your five a day.

According to a recent survey by Fruit Bowl, over half of mums (54 per cent) struggle to get their kids to eat enough fruit. With that in mind, Fruit Bowl – creators of fruit snacks that put the fun into fruit – is launching brand new fruit snack to add to its range of fun filled treats full of real fruit goodness. 

Frollipops will be hitting the shelves in October and have been created with fun in mind, while still providing a healthy alternative snack to crisps and chocolate. Very low in calories and made from concentrated fruit juices, Frollipops are fun shaped fruit lollipops available in strawberry flavoured Rocket and an apple flavoured Snake– adding a little bit of ‘zing’ to your mouth. 

Commenting on the introduction of Frollipops, Mum of two and independent dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, notes: “Children love to snack and parents often feel guilty giving into demands for sweets, biscuits and crisps. However, snacks can be a positive thing if healthier options are available.  

Fruit is the ideal choice and should be promoted as the healthiest between-meal snack. But, as the Fruit Bowl survey showed; many mums find it a real struggle to get their children to eat enough fruit which is why fruit based snacks, such as Frollipops from Fruit Bowl, are so helpful to parents. They provide one of your child’s 5-a-day, are fun to eat, but are free from added sugars,  artificial colours and flavours making them a healthier alternative to regular children’s snacks”. 

Fruit Bowl Frollipops are quick, easy and mess free; making them the perfect mid-morning or after school snack, especially as both count as one of your child’s five a day.  


Frollipops contain only 46 calories per pop. 

RRP £2.00 for a pack of 5 individually wrapped Frollipops.  

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