Milan, Italy break away with the Mr.

Firstly, let me apologise for being quiet over the last few weeks. 
After having this magnificent long weekend away, I was then hit by the awful sick bug. 
Urgh I hate hate hate being poorly, I suppose know one enjoys being poorly. However I hate not being able to do anything. No energy zero, zilch. The house turned into a complete tip, Mr.H tried his best to help but with him working full time he does what he can then dashes out. 
Enough of me talking about being poorly. 
Let me tell you about Milan (Heart Eyes)

Secondly yes this is the second time this year I've been to Italy without the children (I'm getting good at this 'me' time thing) 
Milan was somewhat totally different I think being in Winter changes it, totally different vibes with all the Christmas Decs about. 

Once we arrived in Milan after the early morning flight Thursday, we went to the information centre at the airport & bought travel cards. So for the following next few days we could use any transport to get around Milan. 
We got on the Coach & headed to Milan Central, just over an hour drive. 

Then I decided to be stubborn & walk to find our hotel. It made sense really. 
We arrived in Milan Central around 11am we couldn't check into our Hotel till gone 2pm, So if we jumped into the extremely over priced taxi, we would of wasted money, missed site seeing, we wouldn't of been able to get into our hotel & then we would of wanted to go back out of the hotel to go look around. 
SO we walked & walked & walked. 
Of course with walking we done some major site seeing. 
PERFECT when we are new to a city. 

Whilst walking to our hotel, we had to walk across the centre of Milan. Bonus. We stumbled across the main designer square. 

Dolce & Gabbana

We found the Duomo Cathedral (we took a rooftop terrace tour)

After I think something like 3 or so hours we finally found our Hotel
If we had jumped into a Taxi we would of missed this little Italian beauty ;) - i *think* it's meant to be Lightening McQueen???
View from our Hotel.
Once we got our room key, both our feet were almost falling off us. Oh my goodness the pain!.
We were both asleep by 6pm & then slept through till gone 7:30am ah the luxury. 
Oh boy did I take this child free break away seriously. 

We spent our first full day in Milan (Friday) SHOPPING of course. 
Waiting for the bus.

To get to the Fidenza Outlet shopping centre (In partnership with Bicester  Village) we had to get on a train & then a bus, Fidenza Village was about an hour & half away from Milan.
on the train to Fideza

Fidenza Village :)

We had the most amazing Lindt coffees, from the Lindt outlet store.

Waiting for the train back to Milan

Exhausted wasn't the word fro Friday night, my goodness. Who'd think shopping could be so tiring.

Saturday we decided to be full on tourists & jumped on the Underground several times to just look around places.

The underground was ALWAYS busy.

We started each day with the most beautiful coffee.

So we done the tourist thing & looked around,
Searched though the Christmas Markets (They were all so beautiful by the way)

We had the most beautiful lunch outside with heaters on. 

We then waited for our Duomo tour to start & took in the Atmosphere around us. 

We spent Saturday Evening on top of the Duomo Cathedral. On the roof terrace.
Words can't really describe it.
Breathtaking views.
We booked our own private tour & learnt some amazing things about the Duomo itself. 

As you can see Mr.H was getting bored with my 'Selfies'? Ha! 

The Duomo took 600 years to build. 

We were also lucky enough to be there for the Christmas tree lights ceremony,

Pretty spectacular to watch. 

The atmosphere early evening in Milan

**Loads more photos on my Insta** Incase you wanted to see more... ha.

Pictures from the balcony of our hotel
Last day in Milan

Last day in Milan

Breakfast time in the hotel

Hotel Bar


Fabulous coffe in this great little coffee shop


Our last coffee in Milan Central 

Christmas Tree

This was it. Amazing break away. To have some Husband time, It's strange we live together, share a bed & see each other everyday yet, we kind of miss each other constantly as life is such a whirlwind we barely actually speak.? 
Difficult to explain unless you understand yourself. 

We had such a brilliant time. 
We had the most amazing welcome home - 
Emilyn & Hugo SURPRISED us at the airport. 
With my parents... of course. They didn't joy ride in Mr.H's Audi. 
They had a little 'Harding' sign !! 
Someone say 'awwwwww'!!!

To be honest I almost walked straight past them.... I just wasn't expecting to be greeted by our babies. 
There little faces when I did finally see them. 
Really annoyingly we then had to say goodbye again & go to collect our car parked at Gatwick Parking. 

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