Our accidental mini break away to The Isle of Wight

Shall I admit something that will probably make you smile?
I didn't actually 'plan' to go away to the Isle of Wight. 
After I booked Peppa Pig Christmas Wonderland I thought it'd be nice to stay in a cottage/hotel close by. So I searched on Booking.com & found a cottage for just £40 a night looked lovely. 
HOWEVER I didn't mean to book a cottage in the Isle of Wight. Humph.
Oh well you know me to make a positive out of everything.... I would of lost money by cancelling it so thought we might as well have a little holiday. 
I've never been to the isle of wight & luckily my car is quite economical. 
Ferry crossing cost me over £60 (So the cottage isn't exactly cheap cheap)
Ready for the day 

I decided to book our Ferry Saturday morning extra early so it feels like we are having a proper break away. 
The weather was amazing.
Coco wasn't THAT impressed by the Ferry.
So warm & no breeze. The children played on the beach & loved the Ferry.

Ferry Crossing

On the ferry.
On the Ferry
Isle of Wight
Beach play <3 div="" nbsp="">

Beaching it

Coco loved all the walking

LOVE Beach Huts 

In our cottage
In our cute little Cottage

Waiting for the Ferry 
Coco on the Ferry

Ferry Crossing

We then spent the Sunday at Peppa pig world Christmas Wonderland. 
(Blog to follow) 

It was a really lovely break away. I loved the Isle of Wight. I can't wait to update you about meeting Father Christmas In Peppa Pig World.

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