Our Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house 

Yes they are excited!!



This was a last minute 'lets make a Gingerbread house' due to the smalls being super poorly. Touch wood they're both feeling so much better today so Christmas should be a poorly free day! 

Today was the perfect day to build it, As they're both full of colds E is almost losing her voice poor thing. 
Sweets cheered them up! 

Picking their favourite sweets 

"Eat this one Hugo"
The next three photos make me smile so much. 
Cheeky monkeys eating the sweets rather than waiting for me to ice the house.

E egging H on to eat it

H eating it, E looks as though she is about to explode laughing....

Ha here it is E laughing!! 

The house is made 

Putting the first sweets on

the concentration... sweet.

Emilyn is a known perfectionist.....

Gingerbread house is looking good

We think it needs more snow.

Happy Children!!



Gingerbread house done for this year 2014

This is our Gingerbread house...

Have you done a gingerbread house this year? 

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