Our visit to Santa's Grotto in Peppa Pig World

This is us as a family meeting Father Christmas since E was born in 2009

This weekend we had our 'Accidental break away to the Isle of Wight' Then we visited Peppa Pig World to see Father Christmas 

We arrived early to give ourselves plenty of time. Emilyn enjoyed breakfast at peppa pig world cafe.

There was amazing christmas trees everywhere we looked. 

Me with the christmas tree in Peppa pig world

Mic with the Christmas Tree in peppa pig world

Emilyn & Hugo met the Peppa Pig gang, As you can see Emilyn was amazed. 

Waiting to see Father Christmas.

We walked around this beautiful Christmas wonderland in a que to see Father Christmas.

I want this bedroom, So cute.

Emilyn & Hugo got panicked & wanted me to go with them

The talking tree

Hugo waving at them

We've reached the north pole.

The north pole

Emilyn braved a picture with Rudolph


Inside the toy factory

Inside the ToY factory 


I tried to reassure both of them not to be scared. 
Well they were TERRIFIED.

Meeting Father Christmas at Peppa Pig World

Father Christmas giving Emilyn her present.

one nice photo with Father Christmas.

Another of E smiling.

Emilyn just wanted to open her present.

Annnddd a photo with Dadda 

Meeting Father Christmas

Lets open them!
Opening them

Emilyn loves her leopard. 

Hugo loves his shape sorting game

Would I go again next year? 
Was it worth the money? (An extra £20 + just to see father Christmas) 
I don't know, The children had a good day. The excitement of it all was crazy. 
I don't think we will go back to Christmas Wonderland at Peppa Pig world. 
I think next year we will go to the real Winter Wonderland in London & try a local Father Christmas. 

*Perhaps Peppa pig world would of got a better review from us if the father christmas toys were better? like a small TY peppa pig or something? (Considering we are visiting Peppa Pig World) 

This is us as a family meeting Father Christmas since E was born in 2009

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