Sheep OVERLOAD. Hugo in his Nativity.

I bet you can't guess what Hugo was in his Pre-school nativity? 

Yes a SHEEP! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
He done marvellously. So good. 

Hugo's little star.
I was so proud of him, he stayed on the nativity scene for the whole show. 

I did however need to bribe him to get him to wear the sheep to start off with. 
With a car. I bribed him with a new car. A Porsche to be priciest.

well the bribe worked. 

Emilyn walked down from Primary School with her class to watch the Preschool nativity. 
This was Hugo's little face when he spotted Emilyn walk in the Pre-school. He was super happy to see her!!  As you can tell.
 Emilyn herself was a sheep in the Pre-school Nativity two years ago. 

This is Emilyn & Hugo as sheep Baaaaaa....

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