U Star Kids Launches Personalised Word Pads for Reception & Year 1 Children

U star launches personalised word pads for reception children
U Star Kids Launches Personalised Word Pads for Reception & Year 1 Children 

We have been lucky enough to review this brilliant work pad created by U Star Kids. 
This is a personalised word pad.

Especially made for Reception & year 1 children.

London, United Kingdom - 28 November 2014 - U Star Novels the publisher of the largest range of personalised books for adults and customised classics for kids, has today announced it has officially expanded their range of personalised kids products with the launch of their brand new personalised Word Pads aimed at reception & year 1 children.
These fantastic, personalised educational products are perfect for introducing your children to the high frequency words that they will be taught once they start school. Each activity page is designed to focus on name recognition together with one very important phonetic keyword. They'll have fun learning these keywords whilst writing, colouring and creating pages they can keep or stick on the wall for ongoing word recognition.
Girl and boy themed word pads are available for reception-level children and a more advance pad is aimed at Year 1 children.  

I love the website very simple & a fabulous pice just £12.99
Designed to help your child with some of the tricky words, which are the high frequency words that don't follow the simple phonic code, our fully personalised Word Pads will help your child master some of these words through colouring, writing and fun activities. Fully customised with your child's first and last names, these new 20 page Word Pads will have them mastering the reception / year 1 high frequency words in no time.

Includes the following words: boy, girl, day, night, up, down, in, out, little, big, going, boat, walk, pull, push, first, dog, house, people, which

The word pad is perfect for a child like Emilyn as she has speech therapy this pad helps her writing the words she struggles to say.

She really enjoyed doing her 'work' today

Busy Busy Busy

I would say these are perfect presents for friends children or a stocking type filler present for your own children.

8 Questions to Emilyn :

1) Would you recommend this to your friends? Yes I would recommend it to all my best friends

2) Whats the best thing about the word pad?  I love that each page is different 

3) Would you change anything about the word pad? Yes I would remove the butterflies I couldn't draw them....

4) What else do you love about the word pad? The colours I love the different pad colours. 

5) How often would you use the word pad? - Her Answer was "100 times a week." She then added "just every day" - Both good answers I better stock up! 

6) What time is the best time of day to get the word pad out? When Mummy is getting Dinner ready.

7) Why do you love the word pad so much ? I love learning & writing

8) what rating do you give the word pad out of 10? 10/10 it's great.

Katie Olver, founder of U Star who designed these products to specifically help her children, said: “As the Mum of three, I know just how important it is to keep reinforcing the foundation words introduced in reception. These colour-in word pads are a fun way to practice handwriting and reading daily.”

The personalised word pads from U Star Kids will teach your child a new foundation word each day (20 words in total) and is also personalized with your child’s name on every page. An activity helps to reinforce the word making it that much more fun for your early reader.

The pads are £12.99 and available from: http://www.ustarnovels.co.uk/gifts-for-kids/personalised-word-pads/

So overall we love the U star kids word pad. 

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