Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

The perfect present for a proud home owner. 
This vacuum cleaner is amazing. 

Here's why I love it :

Long reach hose and cord - A longer reach hose and power cord lets you clean to the top of your stairs, leaving the machine safely at the bottom. Perfect.

Antibacterial HEPA Media filter - Anti-bacterial HEPA media reduces the growth of bacteria, allergens and pet related odours.

Lift off canister -  Canister lifts away from the upright to a cartable canister in second making it easier to clean around the home and up the stairs.

This vacuum comes with a 2 year Vax guarantee, this gives you the complete peace of mind. 

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner
I'll be completely honest I have always had Dysons. But I worked with Vax this summer & blogged all about the Vax pressure washer makes toughest outdoor cleaning jobs easy. 
Then I received an email about the Factory clearance & we needed a new hoover after my Dyson not being great at cleaning up dog hair. 
I picked this Vax. Once it had arrived (Really quickly I might add) I got so excited I had to get it out & set it up straight away (Really easy to set up too) 
This hoover really is as effortless to clean as it looks. No more fighting the carpets clean. 

Vax Performance Floor & Dust - Pets & Family Vacuum Cleaner
I find it a pleasure to clean the house now rather than a awful chore. With my mum's house being next  door & her having two dogs... Beth who is a German Shepard cross Leonberger moults like you wouldn't believe. This fabulous new Vax vacuum is such a life saver. 

Here's a couple of short videos showing you just how good the vacuum is. *Turn speakers down the Vacuum isn't quiet. 
Though if you wanted a *Quiet vacuum, take a look at this one Vax Air silence cylinder vacuum cleaner with a huge 6 year warranty! 

Hugely impressed with my Vax & would buy another at the drop of a hat. 
Take a look at their SALE page here 


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