Whats inside our Christmas Eve Box this year 2014

We all love a sneaky present before Christmas day am I right?
Last year my little family decided to start a new tradition. 
The Christmas Eve box tradition.
Last year I put :
Two Xmas films
New christmas tree decorations 

This year our Christmas Eve box contains :

Two new DVD's -Frozen being one of them
Lindt hot chocolate from Milan, Italy.
Lindt chocolate umbrellas for the hot chocolate
Two new christmas tree decorations
The yummy ginger biscuits from Lidl

Christmas Eve box 

You say Christmas I say ginger biscuits 

Lindt chocolate sticks from Milan, Italy

It's a family tradition in our house to get the children new christmas tree decorations yearly
Then when they are old enough to leave home & have their own tree they will have a sufficient enough individual decorations from around the world. 

Hot chocolate (from Lindt shop in Malan) 

Hot chocolate 

This is our Christmas Eve box 

So excited to give it to the Children on Christmas Eve

All packed up & placed under there Christmas tree (the only present under there)

What will you be putting in your Christmas Eve box ?
I'd love you to share.

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