Happy 23rd day of Advent : Simple to make your own wooden Advent calendar

Simple to make your own wooden advent calendar with Hobbycraft one of my favourite shops.

I picked up pretty christmassy bits of paper, wooden stars, little buttons, the cutest gingerbread men, numbers, white paint & glue.

Painted the house in acrylic white

Then cut out the christmassy bits of paper to fit the doors 

planned where I wanted the numbers & gingerbread men to go...

Stuck it all down 

Filled it with sweets & It's finished...

Happy 22nd day of Advent : Simple to make Gingerbread house fun with the smalls

We're so close to Christmas - each year we make gingerbread houses. 
This year we went for small & simple. 
Here's the recipe - 

250g unsalted butter
200g dark muscovado sugar
7 tbsp golden syrup
600g plain flour
2 tsp bicarb of soda
4 tsp ground ginger.

We used icing sugar to stick it all together.


Little snowmen to decorate 

They have so much fun making their gingerbread house, we wanted to make a village but the children wanted to eat the gingerbread ... oops. 

Have you made a gingerbread house this year? 

Bump Monday | 24 weeks Pregnant |

                                                                 || 24 weeks today! ||

Today is V day ! Significant day to celebrate as from today the doctors class your pregnancy as a real baby so if I was to go into labour anytime from now (obviously hoping I don't) but the doctors have to try everything to save baby! 
So happy V day to baby & I. 

How am I feeling?
It's the week of CHRISTMAS! I'm feeling good. Though the bigger smalls have been poorly & so sleep has been severely deprived this week... I've also been struggling with lower back pain almost period type pain but a hot water bottle & resting seems to help it. 
I'm looking forwards to some family time over Christmas, Mr.H has 10 days off. YAY. 

SPD is hit & miss some days better than others. 
Still no where as bad as it was when I was Pregnant with H.... 
Christmas Jumper is out !!

Baby is as heavy as a long as a corn on the cob. 


On a positive :
I had my hair done this morning & now feeling so much better about myself. 

Happy 21st day of Advent : Elektra Cloud9 Quilted Nap Mat | Giveaway |

Another Christmas giveaway, I'm so excited about this one too!
You can check out my review here & enter the giveaway below.

Happy 20th day of Advent : Super simple Upcycling - light bulbs to make Christmas decorations....

What you need :

  • Old light Bulbs 
  • Spray paint
  • Glitter
  • Yarn/String
  • Newspaper

Honestly this must of taken me under 20 minutes & in-between cleaning the house for Christmas too.  

Here is your step by step guide: 

1) First thing you must do is tie your string/yarn/wool around your bulb. I didn't do this with my first one & the spray paint didn't like it one bit! 

2) Spray paint your bulb - any colour you wish. I chose Gold. 

3) Sprinkle your glitter - I used silver & gold.

4) Hang & admire

5) Let it dry for 12 hours at least 

6) Then spray with hairspray, it will gleam beautifully.

7) Done. Time for a cuppa tea?  

The New iCandy Peach Launches

82 years in the making, iCandy creates the definitive pushchair
(Biggleswade, UK) – 15th December 2015
Since 1933 iCandy’s precision manufacturing journey has led them to crafting the definitive pushchair, creating the world’s first single to double travel system with a single footprint. The new iCandy Peach represents the best of British design and quality engineering that is built to last. With a class leading 25kg weight limit, a unique one-touch buckle and on trend colourways, the Peach remains a cut above the rest.  
The award winning iCandy Peach is famous for its one-hand fold and head-turning colours, it is iCandy’s bestselling model and is the choice for various A-list celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham, Abbey Clancy and Sir Richard Branson.
The Peach can upgrade into a double travel system to grow with your family with the use of innovative adapters, in just a few clicks the pushchair transforms into a double and back into a single pushchair when needed. Styled and reworked entirely in-house by the iCandy design team, the new Peach fabric is re-crafted with beautiful piped detail on the seat and hood to create a harmonious design. iCandy has added the finishing touch with a leatherette handle and bumper bar.
iCandy have created unique elevators that allow the single seat or carrycot to be positioned higher and closer, providing further interaction between the parent and child. Understanding the needs of the modern day parent, the elevators can also be used in world-facing mode to bring the child closer to the table for when out and about in restaurants, cafes or even at home.
The Peach is now available in 10 new fresh colourways offering fantastic choice to suit personal style: Bubblegum, Royal, Butterscotch, Claret, Primrose, Olive, Peacock, Honeycomb, Black Magic, and Truffle. The chassis is available in the iconic high polished Chrome, a matt Black, and a new contemporary Space Grey.
Designed and engineered to deliver a genuinely bespoke driving experience that draws on iCandy’s rich British heritage, this pushchair sets a whole new standard in the ultra-high luxury pushchair class.
Features The Peach can grow with the family, converting from a single to a double in just a few clicks to accommodate one child, siblings or twins.
  • When in double mode the Peach remains the size of a single – With a single footprint the iCandy Peach Blossom provides total ease of use when out and about, so going up kerbs and fitting through single doors is never a problem. 
  • The Peach can be folded with one hand and is free-standing when folded, making it super easy to fold and store.
  • From infant to toddler, the Peach is ready to go from day one with the colour matched carrycot which is suitable for overnight sleeping.
  • The seat can be reversed in world or parent facing mode and can hold an impressive 25KGs.
  • The perfect travel system, from car to pushchair, a car seat can be simply added with iCandy car seat adapters. 
  • The Peach’s unique elevators allow the single seat or carrycot to be positioned higher and closer to the parent or to the dinner table.
  • The new easy to adjust 5 point safety harness offers a quick one-touch release.
  • The Peach’s large and extendable hood offers excellent sun protection with a 50SPF rating.
  • The new Peach fabric is re-crafted with beautiful piping detail on the seat and hood to create a harmonious design.

RRP from £755.00 – Available from January 2016 www.iCandyWorld.com

For further images of the new Peach Collection, please click on the following link: http://we.tl/c2v9geJ2lU

Happy 19th day of Advent : Simple how to make Christmas pom poms

1) Ask an adult to help you to cut the wool, Cut 2 lengths of approx.20cm and put aside.
 Then cut the remaining into 2 equal lengths. 
Cut two circles of card & cut a whole in the middle too. Put the 2 card discs together and start to wind a length of yarn around the card, passing it through the centre. Make sure that you cover the card discs evenly, Continue to do this till the card is fully covered. The more wool the bigger your pom pom will be.

2) When you've completed this. Snip the yarn right around between the 2 card discs.

3) Take 1 of the pieces of 20cm yarn that you set aside, tie it securely between the card discs and then carefully remove the card discs.

4) Repeat again to make the second pom pom.

5) Glue the 2 pom pons together to make the head and body shape.

6) A) Cut the brown fuzzy sticks into 2 using scissors, (ask an adult to help) Bend the pipe cleaners to make the antlers or hats. Stick on the fuzzy balls for the noses, stick their eyes on, cut out a scarf for the reindeer & snowman out of felt.
Cut the beard out of fuzzy felt for Santa.

Once you've made your Christmas pom poms you could then make some that you can hang all year round. 

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway‏ with Alón Labs

In keeping with the generous festive spirit Alón Labs wants to invite you my readers to join in their exciting 12 day giveaway beginning today!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning great prizes everyday is enter at www.alonlabs.com

Merry Christmas!!

Extend your savings at the Boxing Day sales

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house… Who are we kidding? Most of us are still at work, waiting for the clock to strike midday on Christmas Eve. You may find the fact that it’s not time for your turkey dinner yet depressing, but fear not as Staffordshire employee benefits firm, Busy Bees Benefits has just the solution for your Christmas anticipation.
Forget counting down the time until you can leave the office, the fact that you’re still at work means you may have the opportunity to extend your savings at the Boxing Day sales.
Here’s how – through your employer you can access something called a Retail Discounts scheme. It’s extremely straight-forward, the scheme gives you a license for a year and you log in to an online portal either on your desktop computer or via an app on your smartphone.
The portal is full of deals, discounts and cashback offers for a wide range of high street stores and online vendors to use in conjunction with the Boxing Day sale.
This means your savings could be doubled or in some cases, tripled!
There’s absolutely no catch – all you need to do is, save this image and email it to your manager or HR department with a link to this article.

Through the scheme, you can purchase gift cards at up to 10% cheaper, access discount codes to top up your savings and receive cashback on your purchases, leaving you fully prepared for the upcoming sales! 
We knew there was a good reason why the Christmas break hadn’t started yet!
For more information on the scheme, visit – www.busybeesbenefits.com/retaildiscounts  

Happy 18th day of Advent : Hanging Christmas Cards in your home

It's the 18th December today! 

We've been busy putting our Christmas cards up. 
So simple & pretty. 

Elektra Cloud9 Quilted Nap Mat for Child Care Travel & Sleepovers | Review |

Elektra Cloud9 Quilted Nap Mat for Child Care Travel and Sleepovers - Boys Dinosaur 
The perfect present for your little one this Christmas....

The quilted nap mat - with Christmas holidays coming up I'm sure a lot of families will be travelling to see relatives, this is the perfect solution for a toddler who's too big for the travel cot & too small for a single bed. 
H has been putting this quilted nap mat through its paces as he's been poorly this week & camping out on my bedroom floor. 
H gives it the thumbs up & says its very comfy & loves the dinosaurs, he also love having his very own luxurious pillow. 

I love how you can fold it up into a holdall shape, the Elektra cloud9 daycare / travel mat is an 3 in 1 sleeping unit that is just perfect for children in full time daycare or for sleepovers. 
I love how quilted it is with a comfy mat, luxurious removable pillow and a soft blanket all in one so very handy to pack up easily and roll into a clever cylinder shape with plastic buckles and a carry handle so you'll be able to quickly roll, clip and carry it.

The nap mat is designed to make a busy parent's life easier. I can definitely agree with this. It's a fabulous invention & a twist on the sleeping bag.  

Elektra bub provides a choice of two colours the pink teddy bears or the blue dinosaurs. 
I personally love them both.  
They're made from a quality polyester fabric for durability and stain resistance, with a cotton fabric inner for the blanket.
They've been in our washing machine & came out perfectly. 

H slept soundly on his nap mat & can't wait to take it on holiday in the Christmas holidays. 

You can buy the Elektra Cloud9 nap mat from elektrabub.com it's also on sale at the moment & just £23.95

The dinosaurs are lovely! 

Perfect for sleepovers at Nanna's house.
We love it & think every household with children under the age of 5 years should have one, they're so unbelievably handy! 

All rolled up & ready to go on our next adventure... 

24 week Midwife appointment

Today I had my 24 week midwife appointment, though i'm only 23+3 weeks but with christmas literally round the corner I thought it was best to see her slightly early rather than three weeks late. 
Baby seems happy we got to listen to her heartbeat - 
H loves hearing it & he gets all giggly. So sweet. 

I'm measuring perfectly for my dates & baby kept kicking the midwife. Cheeky baby. 
Everything seems good & normal so thats great! 
Will be back at the hospital & midwife at 28 weeks *ish...
Need my bloods done especially as I have low platelets. 

Just can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by. 

Happy 17th day of Advent : Festive Christmas Jumpers for her 2015

Wow this is my fourth year in a row I've blogged Christmas Jumpers for her.

First year we saw Festive Jumpers for her 2012

Second year we saw Festive Jumpers for her 2013

This year I've found these.... 

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Christmas Jumper With Novelty Days To Christmas £30
M&S Sequin Embellished Santa Jumper £19.60
Topshop Christmas Scene Jumper £39

ASDA Maternity Rudolph Christmas Jumper £14
Next Polar Bear Sweater (Maternity) £32

Next Grey Fun Sheep Sweater £34

H&M Knitted Christmas jumper £12.99


Markus Lupfer £200


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