Clubfit on a Friday night.

How Rock'n'Roll has my life got? 
Very, it seems.
I've never been to anything like this since being a mum. Before I had children I used to go to weekly body combat classes at the gym, since the children have been around the lacking of childcare & the exhaustion from no sleep. The thought of doing evening classes well I would just much rather be in bed asleep.
Also my co-ordination is as good as a wooden doll with no arms. 
I think I was kicked out of modern & jazz classes when I was a child because of my lack of good dance co-ordination. 
So I was quite skeptical. 
Waving my arms around I felt like a plonker. 
To then see everyone else looks just like me, made me relax & enjoy myself that little bit more. 
Luckily I tagged along with two close friends who also have children.
I go running with the puppy three times a week & I do the odd bit of exercise at home, I'm not unfit. 
Well I thought I wasn't unfit until I was 10 minutes into club fit & I was convinced I was dying. 
Ok not actually as bad as that but I had awful stitch. If I was at home running with the puppy I would of stopped & then walked home. 
Being around all these other ladies all working their bums off made me carry on. 
This felt so good. 
I ached like hell but It was a fab feeling. 
We giggled as we threw our arms up in the air & sang our hearts out to old 90's songs. 
Would I go again? Hell to the yes. 
The feeling of being child free, being with your friends & excessing was liberating. 
I felt alive. More alive than I've felt in months. 
The feeling that I wanted to exercise was infectious. We were all there to get fit. 
To dance our hearts out. 
In the dark with just the glow sticks waving up & down.
No embarrassment, no body cared what I looked like. 
It was brilliant. 
After the class we were buzzing, yes albeit achy but we certainly weren't tired. 
The three of us decided to pop into our local pub. We all felt like naughty school children; with our husbands expecting us home. 
We felt like we deserved a drink & more of a giggle. 
All I want to know now is; when can we do this again? 

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