Easter clothes featuring Maxomorra & Slugs and snails

The Easter holidays have started. Happy happy days! 
Every Easter my two get a new Easter outfit. 
This year I'm totally besotted by Maxomorra & of course Slugs and snails tights. Always. 

I wanted clothes that looked like spring had sprung. 
Emilyn's hot air balloon dress ticked all those boxes. 
Just how lovely!
Hugo wearing his umbrella Slugs tights. Beautiful.

I tend to buy most of the children's clothes from the fabulous Kyna Boutique, Jenny from KyNa is lovely. Every order I place feels so personal to me. The organic clothes from her site are a huge bonus as both E & H suffer from Eczema.

My two had fun modelling their new clothes today. 

I think you'll agree the outfits are amazing. It's all about fun & fabulous bright colours. 

Have you noticed the fire engines on Hugo's Maxomorra top? 


Spring has sprung. Emilyn wearing her Maxomorra

Hugo's Outfit : Firetruck Maxomorra with Brollie Slugs & snails tights with blue converses.


Do you give your children Easter clothes? 
Have you seen Slugs & Snails boys tights before?

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