Eggs and pregnancy

With the do's & don'ts being so varied when your pregnant, It's so easy to be confused by the right or wrong myth or study here & there. It's a minefield with everything. I know I'm not pregnant at the moment but having had two babies & in discussion about a third. Yes I know I'm crazy. Lets get the wedding blessing over & done with first shall we? 

The foods I *think pregnant people can't eat are as follows :

Mouldy cheeses 
You know like brie & soft cheese I think camembert is one to avoid (mouths watering at the thought of 9 months without camembert & fresh bread)

How awful, pâté is a firm favourite of mine.

raw or undercooked meat, yay something I don't like I can't deal with blood in my meat.

Similar to the pâté, luckily I don't like liver either. 

Some fish is a no no, I remember Tuna needs to be kept minimal.

Alcohol & caffeine  - they're easy ones to remember. 

Or so I thought. until I done my own research in to it. Thank goodness for British Lion Eggs.

Eggs & pregnancy Well I just craved them. If only I had known then that British Lion Eggs were OK to eat, with evidence emerging that if pregnant women & babies eat eggs in the weaning stages there may be less likely to have allergic reactions to eggs in the future.

All British Lion hens are vaccinated to ensure that their eggs do not contain the salmonella bacteria, this effectively eliminating the risks for anyone consuming Lion Eggs.

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