Magnitone Lucid Daily cleansing & exfoliating brush. Review

Operation: Clear skin. 
My aim was to have beautiful skin for our Wedding Blessing Day. The countdown was on & whilst I was at the Ideal Homeshow Christmas for the Happy Feet Talipes awards Whats on 4 me awards I was shown the Magnitone Lucid. They removed half my make up with it & then re done my make up. The side they had used the Magnitone was much smoother already. For £50 I thought it was fab. 
Here is my week by week Magnitone skin. 
My skin was blotchy, spotty with blemishes. By week four I felt so much more confident.


I'm going to be honest I feel like I've tried everything to get my skin spot free. I'm a twenty something mum of two. I shouldn't have horrible skin. The magnitude gave me back my confidence.
I don't feel the need to pile of the make up. I don't have to.

Week two

Week two

Week 2

I used my existing cleanser 
Week 3
Week 3
Week 4

Simple cleanser

You need to change the head roughly every 3 months.
You can find all the Magnitone information HERE

My skin make up free the morning of the wedding.

Make up done. Ready to be blessed.

Make up done.

*Disclaimer I bought the Magnitone myself. After being extremely pleased with their amazing customer services as a thank you I agreed to do this review.

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