Mission : My work corner. Up-cycled Desk.

For a while now I've been wanting to turn the corner of my room into a little blogging heaven. It's lovely having a big kitchen to blog from however the chaos is somewhat distracting.
Off I went to search Gumtree if you follow my blog you'll know just how much I love Gumtree. I also know that with Gumtree if you want something you've got to be quick & contact the seller straight away to say you want it. It took me around a month to source this desk. I have been extremely picky. Especially as we recently sold our family van I only had my estate car to collect furniture in. Not ideal really. So I found this desk. It's antique & cost just £45.
I get excited about furniture. Again if you follow my blog you'll see I like to 'collect' furniture. Good well made furniture is beautiful. The unknown history behind old furniture takes my breath away. I really honestly love & get so excited about a beautiful piece of furniture.
This desk was no different. The grain in the wood. The slightly wobbly legs. The beauty of the engraving.
A lovely elderly lady was selling it as she was downsizing. She said it had been in her family for generations. 
So here is my lovely desk before & after. 

I love up cycling. I love giving furniture or anything for that matter a new lease of life. Why throw things away? 
Our generation is such a throw away society. Though I do think we are all improving with this. Lots of us now like to recycle things. Why buy new when you can up cycle?.
Why spend loads of money in IKEA for items that won't even last one house move when you can buy second hand & it'll last forever & will be or can be half the price of IKEA?

So I started off sanding the whole desk down. With my trusty sander. I'm such a tom boy give me a power tool over chocolates any day.

Then I got my paint out. LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

Now you don't actually need to sand down furniture when using chalk paint. But I'm keeping the top unpainted so thought I'd sand the rest down. 

Then with the door handles I just resprayed them the brassy colour to jazz them up a bit. 

A quick wax down then finished. 


The desk

Work desk.

Amazingly my green chair fits perfectly underneath the desk. 

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