Our Familymoon to Disneyland Paris

After our wedding blessing renewal we had Disneyland Paris booked. 
After months of thinking about how to get there we decided to drive & use the Dover to Calais ferry (P&O FERRIES) to be the best option. Also the cheapest. 
We managed to get the same day £30 return & do that twice to get much much much cheaper ferry crossing.
In my Audi car we used only £80 diesel there & back. So in total to get to Disneyland Paris we spent under £200. 
If we were to get the Eurostar from St pancreas to Disneyland it would of easily of cost us over £500. 
Driving in France was fine we used our European Sat Nav to help us & then used the Toll road it's pretty much a straight road all the way to Disneyland & around 180miles. The toll cost around 20euros. So worth it in my eyes. If we hadn't used the toll road it would of taken us the long way round through all the villages. We had a look through a few villages they were so pretty! 
We listened to Radio 'Fun' FYI all the English Music was uncensored. We pretty quickly turned over to our own CD's to listen to. 

Once we arrived in our hotel we got everything in from the car & then jumped on the shuttle bus to DISNEYLAND.
The children had no idea what to expect, I think Emilyn was kind of expecting something similar to Disney on Ice.
We had a brief look around Disneyland with our hotel we got an extra few hours in the morning & evening to explore Disney without everyone else being allowed in. 
We ended our first night in Annette's restaurant bar. The food was awesome. 
We got back to our hotel late & we all went straight to sleep to start our adventure the next morning. 
We explored Disney Studios first. 
We loved every minute of it. Even after queuing for 20 minutes for Hugo to yell; 'I NEED A WEE WEE' ahh. Off we went to find the toilets.

Emilyn and Hugo loved the Slinky ride in Toy Story Land.

 The ratatouille ride was amazing. Quite possibly the best ride ever.

We even met Spiderman. Amazing!! Hugo fell asleep in the Que. Typical Hugo thing to do. 
I was amazed that when I woke him up, he wasn't grumpy, he didn't cry however he just ran & hugged spiderman. So annoyed we didn't get a picture. He was mesmerised by him.
Meeting Spiderman

Emilyn was a little shy at first, but Hugo said "don't worry 'Emlyn' he's just pretended." HOW did he know this? 

We had dinner at Pizza Planet. It was perfect. How fab!! 

Pizza Planet.

We spent the following day in DisneyLand. <3 nbsp="" p="">

We watched the Spring time parade 
Drove the 1950's cars 

Waved at pinocchio 

Had dinner at Rainforest cafe. That was fab.
Rainforest Cafe

We watched the amazing car show spectacular. Hugo loved this.

The princess castle.

We met Ariel, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Thumper & Minnie mouse.

On the second to last day in Disney Emilyn & Mr.H went on the crushers coaster. Oh my goodness how Emilyn went on this I HAVE NO IDEA. But she went on it again with me.
I got off it feeling sick. She amazed me completely.

We had dinner at Planet Hollywood on our last night. 

Ready to say goodbye to Disney.
We had the most amazing time in Disney for our Familymoon. 

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