Our Wedding Blessing #HardingsBlessing2015

If you follow my blog, no doubt you've been waiting for this post to become live. 
I honestly can't believe this all happened over a week ago now. The build up over the past year has been physically & emotionally draining with the week before the blessing me feeling exhausted, having to sleep in the middle of the day & my migraines back with a vengeance. 
I don't cope well with stress, I'm really hard on myself. I always put 110% into everything I do. Practically this isn't healthy for me especially as I'm an M.E sufferer.
However this is something Mr.H & I really wanted to do. Get married, have a wedding in front of all our close family & friends. 
The venue we picked could only hold 60 adults so we had to bring our wedding guest list down, this wasn't fun at all.
The months running up to our Wedding blessing I ran around like a headless chicken trying to get all the finishing touches done.  
The main thing that kept me going was this wasn't a wedding, I don't need to be stressed. 
The morning of the wedding came & the sky was blue, warm air & the sun was shining, we had breakfast on our decking & opened the champagne. 
Liquid breakfast of course.
Today is the day. (Sunday 8th March) our four year anniversary of marriage.
beautiful morning breakfast

I then had my Make up Artist (my beautiful sister in-law) arrive to do my make up at 11. Typically she had forgotten half the make up. *See I told you it'll would make a good conversation starter, so my lovely Mother in-law had to whizz down from London to bring the make up. It adds to the day. It actually calmed me a little bit.
Hugo thought it was brilliant having everyone over.

Emilyn's hair done by our Hairdresser (my beautiful best friend.)

My hair... Matched Emilyn's hair.
Don't ask me why but I was such a wreck of nerves. 

We arrived 15 minutes late. My heart literally felt like it was pumping out of my body. Crazy nerves.
Walking down the aisle as a family unit.
Emilyn got a bit emotional. bless her.
I was fighting back the tears. Gosh I'm such an emotional mess.

Renewing our vows.
We done it. Calm can return.

Love the natural shots, Pure happiness

Emilyn cutie.

Group photo



On to the reception, I was going to change out of my beautiful dress, however I found it comfier than I thought & stayed in it till the end. 

The reception 

Hugo loves my dress, as you can probably tell.

Everything went to plan & we enjoyed every moment of it. 

Cutting our choccywokkydoodah cake
Thank you to everyone who came & made our day as perfect as possible.
Mr.H & I then went to a local boutique hotel for a good nights sleep before driving to Disneyland the day after.

My Dress - Ian stuart
Emilyn's Dress one & two - Monsoon
Hugo's Suit - Mamas and papas
Mr.H's two suits - Moss Bros
Reception Vintage Tea Party - Whispers


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