Surprise Hen party #Hardingsblessing2015

I'm feeling a little bit more human now, after spending all day in bed. *Hands over face* 
The hangover is never something to be proud of, however the last time I was hungover was on my honeymoon 4 years ago. I'm not a drinker, I never drink. Probably explains why after just half a glass of wine last night I was feeling the alcohol effects. 

So my absolutely amazing friends treated me to a complete surprise hen party. 
For the past few months I've been totally left in the dark about what was going to happen on the 28th February. I had absolutely no idea even where we were going to go. 
All day I had butterflies flipping around in my tummy. 
All I was told is was to be dressed up & don't eat too much before we go out. 
The next thing I hear is a knock at the door, an old friend who also runs a taxi company had come to collect me & one if my friends. 

We got dropped off in our local town to be greeted by a group of my best girls. 
We started our night in Wabi with drinks, lots of drinks. 
Then had a reservation at 7:30 at Bills restaurant amazing food. 
I've not laughed so much in ages, ages & ages. 
All the girls got on with each other so well. 

We ended up in a bar called Mungo's it was quite small but we managed to get a table outside & with the outside heaters it was quite nice sat outside. 

tequila tequila drink....

We had an amazing night the girls planned everything perfectly. 
We got home at quite a decent hour 12:30am & I went straight to bed & passed out fully dressed & a full face of make up. I've now currently stayed in bed pretty much all day. 
This time next week we will be walking down the isle & then saying "we will"
So excited. 

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