ADM's two weeks wearing them Talipes.

Wow, wow, wow. 
Things are still going well. 
Ok so we still aren't getting too much sleep. but its a damn sight better than it was a few weeks ago. 
The main thing for me is that little man Hugo is wearing his boots. 
Every night all night for 12 hours or maybe a few hours more.... 
He even went as far as remembering he needs his boots on without me pinning him down to put them on him. Amazing. 
The downside is he is point blankly refusing to sleep in his bed. My bed is obviously much much much comfier than his... 
He wakes up a lot in the night; needing me for a cuddle, or his feet are hurting him, or his knees/legs are in pain. He is hyper-mobile as well as the talipes so that doesn't help. 
However he is wearing his boots. 
Over two weeks now I couldn't be prouder. 
I can't wait to go see his Physio's in June. They are going to be so proud of him.

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