Cost of weekly groceries falls in the last month

          April 2nd 2015
 Shoppers can celebrate this April as the cost of a weekly grocery shop has fallen by 1% in the last month, dropping from £88.59 for a basket of 35 products to £87.70. mySupermarket’s Groceries Tracker can also reveal that the average weekly shop of grocery products from the main UK supermarkets has fallen a massive 7% in the last year with the same basket costing £93.95 in March 2014.

Analysis by the independent shopping and comparison website has identified that the products that dropped the most were Carrots (-7.49%, now £2.51 per 1 Kg), Pasta Sauce (-4.40%, now £2.37 per 500g) and Frozen Pizza (-4.37%, now £1.87 per a 350g pie).

Products that increased the most in the last month were Baked Beans (3.46%, now 77p per 415g can), Pasta (3.18%, now 26p per 1Kg), and Breakfast Cereals (1.95%, now £3.94 per a 750g box).

Each month the mySupermarket Groceries Tracker also includes an Own Brand Watch revealing the cheapest supermarket for own brand groceries out of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi, Ocado and Waitrose. The OBW demonstrates that no one supermarket is cheapest and prices fluctuate regularly. 

March’s Own Brand Watch can reveal that out of 13 supermarket categories:
  • Aldi was cheapest in 5 categories – Bakery, Dairy & Eggs, Fruit & Vegetables, Ready Meals and Tins, Jars & Cooking
  • Morrisons was cheapest in 4 categories – Drinks, Frozen items, Household & Pets and Meat, Fish & Poultry
  • Ocado was cheapest in 3 categories – Baby (joint with Waitrose), Beauty & Health and Packets & Cereals
  • Asda was cheapest only in the Snacks & Sweets categories
  • Sainsbury's and Tesco were not cheapest in any of the 13 categories

Gilad Simhony, CEO of mySupermarket, commented on the fall in prices: ‘’the price war between supermarkets continues and shoppers continue to see the welcome benefits through lower grocery prices. A massive drop in the price of products from month-to-month is not unusual and shows how important it is for shoppers to compare prices to make the biggest saving.’’

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