Dorsiflexion ramp Talipes

It's here! It's arrived! The Dorsi ramp arrived!! 
Why am I so excited? 
Because it's simple the Dorsiflexion Ramp is a physiotherapy to help get toddlers & children  to stretch their Achilles tendons and calf muscles. 
Something Hugo really needs to improve with his left foot especially. 
A few minutes good quality stretching each day can really help to improve their tendons. 
It's also good to try to avoid relapses.
We love the Dorsi ramp it's great to be used for teeth cleaning morning & night. As well as helping me in the kitchen.

The Dorsi ramp isn't funded by the NHS though & at £80 + P&P it's not cheap cheap, however we feel its worth the money. 

In my eyes i'm prepared to pay for anything that may help Hugo's little feet.
With Hugo not wanting to wear his boots for very long over the past few years this dorsi ramp looked like a perfect in the middle option for feeling as though we are doing something good to help his little feet.

Hugo loves the Dorsi ramp.

Dorsi Ramp

Dorsi Ramp

You can get more information from the C-prodirect webpage.

What they say :

  • Strong, stable safe dorsiflexion ramp designed specifically for children
  • Flip over design and insert means that slope angles of 10, 15 and 20 degrees are achieved with no moving parts
  • Moulding encourages correct foot placement
  • Compound slope maintains correct dorsiflexion angle even if child abducts
  • For toddlers to children up to age 10 years
  • In a recent survey, all daily users of the Dorsi Ramp believe it to be effective

On a positive we are on day 6 of Hugo sleeping with his new ADM's this is amazing. By all means this hasn't been a quick fix & an easy ride. The first two nights were ok he woke asking for  wee & drink ect ect... by the third night he was demanding I take them off & the same for the forth night. I stuck to my guns & told him I wouldn't be taking them off as I now know his ADM's aren't hurting him as much as the previous ones. 
Last night : Night 6. He slept all night without a peep. Literally slept all night with his boots on. AMAZING. We're getting there. 

The Dorsi Ramp is recommended for children suffering from conditions such as idiopathic toe walking, cerebral palsy and clubfoot.

Dorsiflexion Ramp for Children to age 10 years

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