New Product Launch: Tidy Tot The Ultimate Solution for Messy Mealtimes

 New Product LaunchTidy Tot 
The Ultimate Solution for Messy Mealtimes 

London, 27th April 2015 – As any parent will tell you, the weaning stage of moving from milk feeds to solid food with a baby is messy - exciting yes but most of all, MESSY! 

Beautiful baby clothes you painstakingly laundered and pressed now have stubborn carrot and tomato stains down the front. The high chair never seems clean enough no matter how many times you wipe it down, trying to remove those toast crumbs in the impossible to reach areas.  The floor becomes a splattered work of art thanks to squashed tomato and mashed banana thrown over the side.  

But worry no more! Tidy Tot is here to save time, stress and food wastage - one tray and bib at a time. Tidy Tot is an essential piece of kit comprising of a large tray and bib set that fits around a baby sitting either in their own high chair or at a table.  It attaches to the high chair or the table with suction cups.  Baby wears a full covering bib with sleeves which fasten to the front of the tray with Velcro fasteners.  The tray and bib set creates a complete covering of not only the baby, but also the surface around. Leaving them free to squash their bananas, mush their veggies and spill their yogurts all over the Tidy Tot but not thankfully the highchair, table, floor or themselves - genius! Tidy Tot is fantastic for any form of messy play too, known to improve baby’s cognitive development, fine motor skills and confidence in decision making.  

Tidy Tot comes in its own washable bag, the tray is simple to wipe clean and the bibs can be machine washed and even stuck in the tumble dryer. Want to take Tidy Tot out with you, no problem; it folds up neatly into its own carry bag along with the fastening bib. When baby's done either wipe down with a wet wipe and pack away, or fold the Tidy Tot back up into its bag and bring home to be washed or wiped.  

Caroline, a Tidy Tot customer says "I did baby-led weaning with my son Henry and it really removed the main stress of baby-led weaning, which is so messy. Henry's clothes were kept clean and it prevented food going on the floor and high chair, which also meant a lot less waste. Whenever I've forgotten the Tidy Tot and have to go without, it reminds me of how difficult it was at the beginning before we had one!" 

Tidy Tot is available to buy from the website at £29.99  The Tidy Tot tray comes in Fresh Green and the coordinating bibs are available in Plum Purple and Berry Red.  
Tidy Tot

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