Our day at The Baby & Toddler show Sandown Park

The Baby and Toddler Show 

This weekend (17th-19th April 2015) is the Baby & Toddler show Sandown Park
After visiting The Baby Show in February 2014 & then The baby & toddler show in October 2014 I had an understanding of what this show would hold. I was so excited, mostly to see the new pushchairs & what bargains the show had to offer. 

With over 150 brands you will no doubt fall in-love with at least one pushchair... 
Today I had the girls with me & baby Shia. 
As we entered the show we handed over our tickets & then there was a few people handing out 'goody bag' cards to give to expectant mums & new mums. 
In the group of us we had 4 Mothers, two of our mums had young babies both under 6 months of age both new mums. The other two of us had children at home. This is where it bugged me; three of us didn't get the 'goody bag' card. At the time I thought nothing of it, whilst later when the mum wanted to pick her goody bag up I thought I'd pop over with another mum to get a card & explain we weren't given one when we entered. The guy started off saying "oh sorry its for new mums & expectant mums...." I thought this was kind of rude. For all he knew we could both of been expectant mums... or like the other mum with us she had left her 5 month old baby at her nannies to make looking round the baby show a little easier. I think The baby & toddler show should be aware of this as people buy tickets to go to the show & expect the goody bag. As I blog about various shows like this I was a bit taken back... especially as in the past I've always had goody bags thrown in my face when I've had my three year old with me? 

Apart from that we had a really good day & I now want to show you my best bits of the show.

The Dooky, now I LOVE this. I actually spotted it online just yesterday, so when I saw it today I knew exactly what it was. 

At the beginning of the show you have a chance to try out the baby slings & carriers. 
Sophie & Shia gave it a go.

She is really glad she got to 'try before she buy' it as she figured out that particular wrap wasn't any good for her.

She tried the Ergobaby on & fell in love with it... & it's price. Also they do children's doll carriers oh my goodness. Adorable.

We saw the usual Britax brand & the fabulous car seats they have to offer.

Love the Britax car seat 

The baby & toddler show got all a bit too much for Shia.

Talking about Carseats.... Kiddy evolution pro2 with lie flat technology
I have such a soft spot for Kiddy. I've also reviewed one of there car seats too.
 Then we needed a holiday buggy..... Mamas & Papas took first place.... The Armadillo city looked amazing & folded up super easy I've fallen for the Signature Edition Family Caboodle Armadillo City Pushchair WOW. Love!
& for just £179. Fabulous Baby & Toddler price.
The Armadillo city folded

Donna Wilson Urbo Bug
Urbo Bug
The Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo Bug stole our hearts though & for just £159 we were happy with that price. It was super easy to fold & very pleasing on the eyes.

Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo Bug

The feeding & nappy changing rooms were great. You could feed your baby & over look Sandown Racecourse what more would you ask for? 
Free nappies & wipes. Yep they had lots.
Breastfeeding & looking at this stunning view. <3 td="">
The girls & Shia  
Now you're talking. I wish this 4moms swing seat was around when my two were born. How brilliant.

Neckerchew Cheeky chompers

I love this brand. Its fabulous. Gutted it wasn't around when I had my two smalls. 
Shia gives his full approval loving the Neckerchew
Definitely check the brand out if you have a teething baby.

 Cybex. Cybex ah you stole my heart. Cybex we are a massive fan & now I need more of your beautiful carseats in my life. 

We had a very impressive demo of the how the Cyber Sirona worked 

The colours of it are fabulous love the Sirona.

Then I stopped at saw the Cybex cloud with the full lie flat technology. I so totally need a new baby like now. 

Love the Cybex buggies

With the new rear facing guidelines these carseats look fantastic.

Baby Shia & Myself

What can I say about the Bloom fresco my favourite highchair like ever.

Obviously I couldn't ignore the Bugaboo stand. The bugaboo bee plus 3 Van Gough buggy. oh my, oh my, oh my. Stars in my eye or what. Beautiful. 
It was really super high up so no one could get to it. But its beauty was enough to light up the whole room.

The babyzen yoyo. What more to say its the perfect travel buggy. 
What a brilliant idea.

I adore this cute little carry potty. 

Quinny & Maxi Cosi. I just wish you had a bigger stand. More car seats to see & more buggies to admire. 

Quinny Moodd
Yum yum teething baby

Mima Moon High chair
Mima. What can I say... I am still totally head over heels in love with their stuff, I have blogged about  Mima before. I love the buggies, I love the double buggies & I love love love their high chairs. Oh my gosh do I love them. I absolutely love that they are still relatively rare. I've only seen perhaps two out on my travels. They are beautifully made. You also need to see the Mima Bo buggy (heart eyes) totally on my wish list...  Don't forget the Mima Moon yes that highchair that turns into chair... in various colours. Beautiful.

We have a new changing bag love. the Isoki bags from Sydney Australia. 

So beautiful. This is totally on my 'want & need' list.

We have had a wonderful day at The baby & toddler show. 
I hope those of you who have won tickets through my blog have also enjoyed your time here this weekend. 

I look forwards to the next one. I might even have a bump of my own by then. ;) 

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