2 months down wearing the new ADM's. Talipes

We are almost 2 months into Hugo wearing his Boots. All night, every night! 
Can I do a little happy feet dance? 
I blogged when Hugo was two weeks into wearing them here
It's just such an amazing turn around. 
After 3 whole years of no sleep & him not giving up now we are here & he's wearing them. 
Ok so not every night goes as smoothly as I would like it to, he does still fight me when its time to get boots on but it's so much better & the fact he won't scream all night & he will wear them till morning is amazing, amazing, amazing. 
Some mornings he doesn't want them off, it's fabulous, i'm typing this smiling. Really beaming with pride. 
I think he's pretty proud of himself too if I'm honest. 
With us having such a hard start to the ponsetti this was just a far away dream of the land of 'what if'.... 
I always aspired to it becoming our reality but with night by night going by horrendously it seemed too far into the future to ever believe. 

All I can say is I truly believe his previous boots hurt him. He told me night after night he was in pain & I had that awful decision to make heart take them off or head he must keep them on. 
Now he rarely cries with pain & if he does I loosen them slightly. 

Positivity all the way....

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