Bored of bedrest.

Coco the cavapoo puppy has been amazing she's been such a cuddle monster. 

It's been a week tomorrow since I had my operation. I'm bored, bored, bored, bored. There is only so much 'bed rest' I can take. Though I'm also very aware that I need it. We went out to get afternoon tea & scones yesterday for Bank Holiday Monday afterwards I was exhausted. All I could do was get into bed & relax. Luckily the support around me has been amazing. Amazing friends & family helping me & helping look after my smalls. Makes such a difference.
Hugo cuddles.
 Glad it's half term so I don't have to rush around with the school runs. I haven't driven for a whole week now & I miss it so much.
Hugo's currently napping after a chilled morning playing with his happy land toys in the garden. Even that got all a little bit much & I had to come inside to lay down on the sofa.
The children have been fab actually, they know when to be calm & just sit & watch a film with me, they quite enjoy cuddles in my bed too. It's a bit of a treat.
Happy land toys 
The positive is each day I'm feeling better, each day I feel I can do a little bit more. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be almost me again.

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