Having to take a step back. Bed rest after operation. Mum life.

Rocking the hospital gown
As a mother it's hard for me to take a step back from my motherly duties that include seemingly everything life throws at us. 
I won't got too much into detail, but after having Hugo three years ago his labour left me with severe damage...being typically stubborn it took me three years living in pain before I decided to get myself to see a Doctor to finally be referred. (Why did it take me so long!) 
Amazingly the referral was quick & they booked me in (after meeting with my surgeon & having my pre op) very quickly beginning of June. 
Then a few weeks ago the hospital rang to say they'd had a cancellation & would I like my operation next week. YES! that would work out so perfectly with May half term the following week. 
Yesterday (20/05/15) was the day. eeeekkk.
I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 to be checked in. 
I did however enjoy reading in peace. 
Then to wait around till 10:30, when I finally got called into theatre I was actually relieved strangely I know, I was so hungry & thirsty! I just wanted it over & done with. 
Once I was in recovery I think it was about 1pm after I woke up.... then given co codamol to ease the pain then also made me go back to sleep again. 
Back on the ward Mr.H came to collect me about 4pm so glad to be back home. 
In recovery now & should be ok 'ish in about a week. 
I just hate the whole not being able to do anything. Sounds crazy but the dishwasher needs emptying & the dinner needs preparing. 
Leaving the children with Nanna & Mr.H is hard also making sure they're dressed ok hair done, teeth brushed. I am such a control freak & hate having no control over the situation.
Bed rest takes its toll too. 
But after being awake most of the night in agony, strong painkillers have worn off. Bed rest it is. Blah blah blah....
I miss exercising already. I miss running with the puppy. 
Think I'll be able to start moderate exercise in 3-6 weeks again. Fingers crossed. 
Here's to a speedy recovery.

Enjoying reading before the op.

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