Somedays you've just got to sit back and relax

Yep, you heard correctly. It's Saturday & we are a house full of exhausted'ness. 
Earlier I felt bad because we haven't done a great deal today, I took the puppy out for our usual run around the woods, then I took my little people to the park but my head started to really hurt & I knew I just needed to get home to chill & relax. 
I hate feeling like this & specially using Peppa freaking pig as a baby sitter. Drives me insane. 
Mr.H is working long hours & I'm exhausted. 
20 minutes later I look over to the sofa to see... not one, not two but all three of them fast asleep cuddled up together. 
It makes me feel a lot less guilty that we aren't doing too much today. I think school is catching up with them. Coco the puppy will sleep all day usually though. 
I shouldn't be so hard on myself, we all need a break. 
I could easily go back to bed myself. 

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