'Eggciting news' with four new Chicks

For the last month we've been patiently waiting for our chicks to hatch. 
We've had our Cockerel for about a year & as soon as we got him, *Rocky all our hens refused to get broody. So we couldn't get any babies. 
Blue our beautiful hen started getting broody last month so we started leaving eggs under her but we marked each one with a cross & then after 7 days just kept removing the rest. 
21 days seemed to take forever.
We moved Blue & her 7 eggs to a small hutch so the chicks would be safe once born. 
When moving Blue & her eggs we could actually hear tweets & chirping coming from the eggs, it was amazing. One egg the chick was already starting to break to be born. 

We didn't know just how many eggs had been fertilised or if we would get just one chick out of the seven. 
Unfortunately I found one chick had died & I really cried, I had a bit of a panic melt down actually. The children asked to see the little chick & they held him then we buried him in the garden. 
I would not be a very good farmer!!
To make them feel happier we picked Blue up & saw one chick alive & the rest all snuggled in there eggs still.

The children were so excited. 
We've now got 4 chicks. The other two eggs weren't fertilised so Blue literally kicked them out of the nest. 

They are all so cute.

They all keep themselves snuggled up under Blue but every now & then we see them all in the run, hopefully they'll become less shy as the days go by. 

Some of the Chicks....

I'll hopefully be able to get a picture of all four of them with Blue soon. 

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