Hugo's Preschool Vaccines || Vlog ||

Today H had his Preschool boosters. This is the first set of injections he's had that he can remember. 
He's also more aware of whats happening, having an injection in each arm could be quite traumatising. I had everything crossed that he would be ok. 
Thinking back to his baby vaccines he was always fine. Barely a cry with them all. 
We bought sweets at the local shop & walked down to the doctors. 

He was strangely excited. I had tried to explain to him what was going to happen. It's hard to explain it nicely & I had to keep stopping myself from saying.... The nurse will jab you arm with a large needle TWICE.

Amazingly he was fine. No tears, he looked a little shocked but nothing major. 
Walking out of the doctors he hd his arm up & they looked a bit stiff. I'm sure they  must of felt a bit achy. 

Once home he cuddled up on the sofa & then started telling me all about his arms. 
Before I started recording I asked him what the nurse had done & he said "She cut my arms off!" bless him.

Glad they're done now & he's quite happy. 
Lets hope he will have a little nap soon. 

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