Little Ondine New Natural Nail Polish || Review ||

Little Ondine New Natural Nail Polish 


∙ Natural Ingredients ∙ Easy Peel off
 ∙ Odour Free ∙ Quick Drying ∙ Brilliant Colours
I was recently contacted by Little Ondine new natural nail polish & asked if I'd like to review their products.
My first thought was if they are 'peel off' just how good would they be? To say I was sceptical was an understatement.  So I of course put them through their paces.
I put the Little Ondine nail polish on in the evening - Then cleaned up the corners. Went to bed, showered in the morning. They looked great.
Just after my shower. Looking Fab!

Then I needed to spring clean my entire house (I told you I would put them through their paces.)

I used the hoover, bleach, water, mops, dusters... The nails stayed perfectly in place.
Yes my pinky finger is pink. (I wanted to try the colour out) I love both colours.
Since having my Little Ondine nails painted people have thought I've got shellac nails done. 

My nails once I had cleaned the house for 5 hours. Not got any chips or lost a nail. I honestly couldn't say that about any of my other nail varnishes.

The best way to apply Little Ondine nail polish:
Keep in mind that in order to get the best experience using Little Ondine, you should follow the below manicure tips:
1.    It is important to clean and dry your nails before applying
2.    Apply two layers: apply one layer, let it dry and apply a second
3.    Avoid covering cuticles or surrounding skin If you do so, just clean it before it dries
4.    Avoid water for the first couple of hours after painting your nails (washing hair or dishes)
Little Ondine formula is unique & unlike regular nail polishes, it is not corrosive.
It stabilises and creates a layer of colour on the surface of your nails.
When applied on clean nails, their product can get a better grip on the nail surface and therefore last longer.

Little Ondine, when is applied properly, it can last longer than the regular nail polish.
They come packaged in this cute box. You then open it up & it has 
: More tips - Keep dry within an hour. Peel it off from the side to side. Give your nails a break. 

I absolutely love these. 
I will definitely be buying more. 
I love all the colours you can take a look at the colours here.
They are really easy to peel off & leave no residue. 
There is no smell & dries super quickly. 
Honestly this varnish is my favourite ever.
Little Ondine Natural Nail Polish

I'm 3 days into wearing my 'cuddle' pink & my nails haven't chipped or fallen off. 

The only down side is I now need to buy more of these beautiful pots of joy in my life. Luckily it's my birthday this month. I know where I will be directing people ...

Fabulous prices too from just £8.40

 Disclaimer - I was sent these for the purpose of this review. All opinions & thoughts are my own.

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