My top 10 Travel Strollers perfect for aeroplanes.

1 - Bugaboo Bee 3 Van Gogh Package Limited Edition - £659.00 - 8.7kg

I've had the Bugaboo bee & the bee plus & taken both on aeroplanes. It was a breeze. I'd recommend getting the Bugaboo transport bag if you've got a new bugaboo though as they can get scratched/dirty.
Very easy to fold in one piece. Very practical for baby to toddler to child. You can add a Buggy board. 
Not too heavy!
2 - Recaro Easylife, £189, 5.7kg
Easily foldable with one hand. Perfect for getting in & out of car, public transport & aeroplanes. Great to carry once folded.  We love this stroller - the price is fab. From 6 months - child the stroller does everything it says it does. There is nothing to complain about! Bravo Recaro.

3 - Quinny Yezz Stroller, £175 5kg
I've owned three of these in various colours. They are the travel hero of the stroller world. For a child 6 months plus this is the stroller to buy to keep in the boot or keep in the cupboard for your holiday abroad. 
I have a full Quinny yezz Review here. It's ultra light weight & comes with a shoulder strap! 

4 - Babyzen YOYO 6+ -  £309 - 5.8kg
When we heard of the launch of the Babylon Yoyo (this would be small enough to go on a plane as hand luggage) we wondered if every parents travelling prayers had been answered! - You know when you're on holiday you take your stroller up to the aeroplane gate then don't get it back till your collecting your suitcases on that conveyor belt. You know that struggle! That struggle is real! Especially after a 10 hour flight! This stroller is small enough to by pass that STRUGGLE! This stroller is amazing. It looks fabulous. It's sturdy. It's everything we as parents need. 

5 - Maxi Cosi Noa - £150 SALE £125 - 7kg
The Maxi Cosi Noa - I bought this new about 3 years ago. We took it around Europe aeroplane to aeroplane. 
Can I fault it? No I can't. I love this little buggy. We created so many amazing memories with this little buggy. Foldable with one hand. It lays back for baby to sleep. It's a bargain price. You can fold it up & pull the handle to wheel it with your suitcase for an easier life. 

6 - Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 - £275 - 8.7kg
Another stroller I've owned. You've probably guessed by now I am a bit of a buggy addict. But hey I'm a blogger so it helps to know what I'm talking about. The amount of people who come to me for buggy advice is unreal. 
This is a one piece fold. YES! Thank you Quinny. It's sturdy & lays flat as well as parent face. There is no cons to this stroller. It's a stroller I highly recommend to people. It's great! 

7 - Icandy Raspberry - £538.54 - 6.6kg
Very similar to the Bugaboo Bee on looks & feel. But I prefer this stroller. I prefer it over all with the look & practically of it. It folds easily. It's another perfect stroller to be used in towns or on public transport. In a range of colours. This is of higher end price but the quality won't let you down.

8 - Mountain Buggy Nano - £199.99 - 5.9kg
HOW impressed am I with this Mountain Buggy Nano.! Lightweight. Fold up into a backpack. Perfect price & fabulous reviews. We love this stroller. 

9 - Signature Edition Family Caboodle Armadillo City Pushchair - £209.99 - 8kg
All I've heard is perfect reviews from the Armadillo City. This Signature Edition has totally stolen my heart. I love it! 
Perfect fold & stylish. What more could you ask for?

10 - Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo Bug - £199 - 8kg
The Donna Wilson Urbo. Well hello you foxy little number. This is last but by no means least. This is in the top ten of travel strollers due to its easy fold & the handle on the side to help carry it. It has a recline feature & looks as good as it can but with its practical stroller features too!. The reviews are fabulous.  

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