Our annual Pre-School Bocketts Farm trip 2015

Last week we went on our annual Preschool trip to one of the local farms.
Where has the year gone? 
Last year we had all four of us at the farm. It was fabulous!
This year it was just H & I then my Mum turned up for a bit of it. H was so excited to see his Nanna. 
He was mostly excited about the coach (Of course!) 
His little face. So excited.
Excited excited excited!

I think this must have been our forth year at Bocketts farm. Still as good as the first time we went. This is was kinda extra special because we were going with H, Just H... he wasn't the tag along with E. This was his school trip. Oh boy did he know it. He couldn't wait to get there. 

I think the farm has changed a bit in the past year, they've updated parts of it & made it bigger & better. 
He loved the bouncy pillow

H on the motorbike 

TRACTOR! Big red tractor. 2013, 2014 & 2015.

He wanted to take the goats home.

And the sheep.

Child friendly go-karts. He was a pro. 

The sun was shining & we had a fabulous day out. 

Coach ride home.
And.... fast asleep. Cutie.
E was gutted she had to go to school all day. We may have to have a Bocketts trip in the summer holidays. 

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