Spare time? Balancing my time.

Spare time - Gyming it.

Spare time? Ha whats that.... I know I know I'm a Mother of two smalls who of which are both at some kind of school. The smallest small at part time Pre-school & my biggest small at full time primary school. So I should have tons of spare time. Or so you'd think....
Where does the time go? I seem to be running around like a headless chicken most days but because I need that 'me time' like all of us needs. I've been making a very conscious effort to do stuff that I enjoy & doesn't take up too much time.

This seems to revolve around Coco pops the puppy, Coffee dates on my own or with friends *obviously always much more fun with friends, Exercise, running & gardening. Of course blogging too!

Late night walks with the puppy.

Gardening in the sunshine.
I love gardening, I love my garden looking pretty. 

Coffee dates with friends after school drop off

More time with Coco

More running (With Coco)

More coffee with friends

More Gyming it time

Precious time when the smalls are at home. 

More time out running. 

I'm currently really struggling to find the time to blog. Sounds crazy as I'm a SAHM however I just can't get my head into gear. I think with the weather being so nice lately it makes me want to do other things. Also when the smalls are at home. the last thing I want to do is sit on the laptop ignoring them. 
It's all about balancing my time to fit in with their life swell as keeping everyone happy. 
Especially in the evenings mr.H is home from work earlier & I don't want to ignore him, so blogging has taken a step backwards. 
It's all about the work/life/fun balance. 

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